Posted by: vincentlopez | January 5, 2010

The Source June 1998 issue featuring Big Pun, DMX, Kurupt, Cam’Ron, Nore and more



  1. Now that was time when hip-hop began to suck. Not sayin this about Puns album tho, but silk the shockers face portraited as the raps next best thing is saying a lot. lol

  2. I can’t believe they gave Mo Thugs and Pun the same score. I wish I hadn’t cut up all my old Sources to make collages. You are doing the lord’s work, sir.

    • @Jeff – I can’t believe that either. There’s no way that they’re even close.

  3. I read “The Source” from 1994 to 2000. I started buying the issues directly from the news stand in the fall of 96 until early 98. Anyways, the quality of the magazine started to decline towards the end of 2000. It is a shame that one of the best hip hop mags turned into a big joke. I hate to say it, but XXL is following the same path that “The Source” took.

  4. The Source March 1995 issue featuring Slick Rick

    could you please reup on your site or post your email to email you directly…

    or write that issue up again on troy or your blog

    much props

  5. I remember this year and issue like it was yesterday. Big Pun was CRUSHING that summer with ‘Still not a Playa’. DMX came outta nowhere and murked the whole game! L Boogie killed us with her ‘Doo Wop’ single. EPMD/Def Squad/ DefJam made a really solid showing as well. Jay-Z slid in ‘Vol 2 Hard Knock Life’ right before years end!
    Also nice –
    Fat Joe – Don Cartegena, arguably his best work, no doubt on the skrentgh of Pun/TS.
    J Dupri – Life in 1472 was a nice banger.
    Kurupt didn’t take off like we all thought he would.

    But overall 1998 was prob the last really strong year in hiphop until the jiggy era and crunk BS started. agree?

    • I don’t know. I think I’d go with ’97 as the last strong year. ’98 was the ridiculously commercial year where everyone was selling CD’s like crazy.

  6. Well, according to the September 2008 20 Year Anniversary issue of THE SOURCE (which we all LOVE around here), they consider 1998 “Hip Hop’s Best Year”. “It was the year our genre thrived both creatively and commercially”. So there ya go, fellas!!!

  7. sup’ man, i can’t pick it, why ?

    keep up real hip hop !!

  8. 1997 didn’t hold the candle to 98….I don’t know how many successful debut albums came out in that summer alone. Everybody was equally doing their thing really that was pretty much the golden year of our times…

  9. Just for those that don’t know, Unsigned Hype, Draft Pick, that is Juelz Santana…..

    Also I felt like even though ’98 offered strong vets (“Aquemini” and “E.L.E”) as well as debuts (DMX/Noreaga), 1997 was definitely the last strong year but also the first year hip hop was overtly flooded with more commercial music. Contrary to what Stevearella says, ’97 offered more classic albums that ’98 did (Bad Boy Ent., need we say more?) by a long shot

  10. Stevearelli is dead on point!
    JFK how u figures 1997?? Can u at least give example?
    And for 1998 You left out GangStarr ‘Moment of truth’ AND BIG PUN’s Capital Punishment debut! And the LOX! Mos and Kweli ‘BlackStar’!
    Pretty much everything from ’98 is hiphop history!

    But ima end this whole discussion RIGHT HERE ->
    The Miseducation of Lauren Hill – 1998. holla!

  11. Do you have the page that says GET CONNECTED with different deejays on it

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