Posted by: vincentlopez | February 17, 2010

Wu Massacre? Will it be any good?

The old school comic book fiend in me loves this artwork and I’m a sucker for good collaborations in music and in comics.  The possibilities are endless and  I won’t forgive them if the album is wack.  But what happened to the name of the group?  Wasn’t the name supposed to be Bastard Swordsman?



  1. it will definetely be good for hip hop, i think hip hop really needs projects like this today.
    Cause all those lil wayne – soulja boy bullshits are threating to stop the music we love.

  2. Off of the two songs that leaked it sounds like the album should be dope. Here the link to a review of an album listening to it.

  3. Can I get an invite? Ive already have all the source issues you post on t.r.o.y blog. I love them and need more.
    Thanks a lot for.

  4. yo, first and foremost I love the blog you guys are doing a great job.

    some really great content here.

    also would love to get the hook ups for an invite if possibly.

    peace oliver

  5. Aw man, I have such high expectations for this I hope I don’t fall too hard. The ingredients are there, Deni hasn’t delivered a verse on autopilot since the day before Supreme Clientele dropped, Mef has sounded focused and hungry since The W, and Chef stopped sleep walking on the Vatican tapes. Sure I’m a wu-apologist, I admit it. Even with that in mind, I was sick surprised when Chamber Music dropped. I was expecting throw-aways or more of a Abbot-vanity-project, but daaaamn who woke up INS and stole his supper. Dude was on fire.

    Great blog, yo, just found it. I assume it’s invite only for full access. I dig it even if I don’t get inside. Peace.

  6. The Source March 1995 issue featuring Slick Rick

    could you please reup on your site or post your email to email you directly…

    or write that issue up again on troy or your blog

    much props

  7. Yo, is it possible to get a re-invite to the blogger site?

    My computer was acting up for the longest of time and the internet was a pain, so I got a new one.

    Here’s my email:


  8. Yo can i get an invite to your site ! i just found it today and i am deepy intriguued. I love hiphop from back in the day !! i am amzed at the depth i have seen so far froim your blog i need in lol

  9. hello! please, can i get access to your archive of source magazines? i’ve dreamed about it my whole life, thanks to blockhead he told about your blog recently – it’s amazing!

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