Posted by: vincentlopez | April 19, 2010

The Source December 1991 issue featuring Kid ‘N Play


  1. So I’m probably an idiot, but I got three invite emails which I assumed were for this but everytime I try to get there I get this:

    This blog is open to invited readers only
    It doesn’t look like you have been invited to read this blog. If you think this is a mistake, you might want to contact the blog author and request an invitation.

    You’re signed in as – Sign in with a different account

    What am I doing wrong??? FEENIN!!!

  2. In a desperate attempt to NOT be a leech, let me share a quick thought on this one – SO happy to see a Source review for my man DEL!!! From 1993 to The Eleventh Hour, Del has been my all time favorite MC. I’m glad to see his original album was rated so highly! (4 mics!!!) Ice Cube’s “what the f*** is a funky homosapien” skit on there is hilarious!!! Curious to know what NO NEED FOR ALARM was rated??? In my opinion that was the pinnacle of Del as a solo artist (although I also loved FUTURE DEVELOPEMENT). Parallel Uni-Verses was cool, but MAN was I disappointed with the Eleventh Hour.

  3. ^^ it’s definitely a pleasant surprise to see del so highly rated back then for an album that is still a great play to this day. i’d agree that alarm was his best work as del, but man the deltron album is insanity.

    join the club about invite problems :/ you have 3 i have none. i’ll still hang out around here though lol.

  4. Is there any problem with my account that I cannot find the download link of this issue or really the link misses?

  5. Maed, I BELIEVE the actual download link may be available sometime over the weekend. Yo P, I agree Deltron was the ISH! Gorillaz was a good look for him too. In later years, Del has been much better in collaberative efforts than straight solo ventures. I even downloaded a few of his internet-only releases… and believe me, the NO NEED FOR ALARM era is defintely dead. The new(er) Souls of Mischief joint (Montezuma’s Revenge, I believe???) was tight tho.

    • id b more than happy to comment im 23 years old del! has been my favorite rapper sicne i was like 13 i used to picture him to look like sir mix alot this was right b4 google blew up and we used to have just imagine wat rappers looked like any way i used to play thps games and i kept hearing more from him and the hiero camp but no need for alarm is part of the hip hop holy grail i wish to bring that sound vibe feel back to hip hop

  6. Would really appreciate an invitation. I’m really enjoying the magz, as I missed alot of them growing up.

  7. […] Source […]

  8. Wow Hip Hop was much better in the early 1990s now these days its not the same.

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