About Grumpy Old Me

Old hip hop junkie from Philadelphia.  Hip-hop from ’87 to ’96 is what you’ll find me listening to most of the time.  Big up to my grandmother for letting me listen to the first Run-DMC tape everyday in her tape recorder back in ’84.  Sorry for breaking it.  Also, big up to my fellow hip-hop aficionados from Lincoln University – Terrell and Lesheem.  We will debate hip-hop even when we’re wearing dentures!


  1. Great Way to start of new Year. I cannot wait to see these old, but golden years, of the source mag. I am going to add this site to my blogroll. I got a question though. Do you collaborate with the cats from press rewind?

    • a

  2. No, I don’t know anyone at “press rewind” but they inspired me to get going with this project.

  3. Keep the Sources coming! Next time I’m at my mother’s house, I’ll see if I have any of your missing issues.

  4. Hi, all I can say is keep up the good work, regarding posting up old Source mags. By the way, have you got any old Rap Pages, Rap Sheet mags??

    Also as your from Philly, have you ever heard of Jazz Fresh??

  5. I have to give big props to Vince Lopez for posting up the old covers of The Source Magazine as the mag was truly groundbreaking in hip hop music and seeing the past issues again brings back a lot of good memories of hip hop from 88-96- the golden era of hip hop music!

    If you could would you post most of the issues from 88-96 as I really would enjoy seeing these classic Source covers again and again!!

    Dr. Dre putting the gun to his head from November 1992, The DPG with Jewell and Nate Dogg cover from May 1995, and Ice T on the cover from April 1996 are just some of my favourite covers of The Source and I would really appreciate you posting these specific covers on your site if you could.

  6. @Nel Man – The November 1992 issue (Dr. Dre) was posted here already:


  7. i had the doo wop 95 live tape but lost it…
    could you post??

  8. @kev mac – You can get it here – http://recogthereal.blogspot.com/2008/07/doo-wop-95-live-pt1.html

  9. Hi Vincent,

    Nice job on the blog man.
    Dig the tunes and pdf’s
    I had a proposition you might dig.
    Could you shoot me a short mail so I can explain?

  10. Great site, found it during a quest to find old Wu-tang source covers, specifically the OG cover with the red Wu bat. Having a hard time even finding out when that was. I see that there was a Oct 1995 cover with Rae, Rza, and Meth. Any help would be great. Shout me out on e-mail if you have a chance. Thanks

  11. first of all i gotta give mad props to this blog, i lost/threw out all my old Source mags (i started buying in 96) and it’s crazy to see the old ads & things again, i laugh my a** off sometimes at the ads & things they say in the interviews & things like that.

    @ Gunzoid – i think the Wu cover you are talking about (with the read logo) was from 97, around the time of Forever being released. The Wu has gtta be the only hip hop group that could be on the cover of a magazine but not actually have any members on the cover & cats still know who the f**k the mag is talkin about!

  12. Man, the best blog to date! Thanks for all your time! brings back memories.
    Any chance of helping me out and uploading that Nas freestyle from the Source sampler in 1996 ive searched every where for that and your link is down…!!!!!!


  13. first of all, mad props for this site. for someone who wasn’t able to read the source back in its heyday, being able to sit here and read it it’s awesome. i really thank you for that. but could you up those first links you posted back in january, february, march & april 08… they’re all dead.
    thanks in advance and keep with the good work

  14. Vincent,

    love what you’re doing..and dug the post on unkut’s blog as well–re: album reviews. we should collab, i’m trying to start a music collective (aren’t we all), of lovers and knowledgeable folk on music. just a thought–but most importantly, just wanted to say I appreciate your blogging voice.


    • @ Kdotscribe – Thanks for the comment.

  15. love the site just stumbled upon it a month ago. It sucks that I wasnt able to get all of the malcolm x speeches before the links went dead. If you can hit me up with the links. Thanks for everything


  16. Hi man! How can i get dat stuff?

  17. I don’t understand, why do you put the interview pages up if they are too small to read? I would really love to read those Biggie articles…

  18. bro i need to see that the source magazines old issues,but i can not see the links ,can u add me your blog please

  19. Great site!! I had the first 100+ issues of The Source from when they first came out and lost them all in a flood a few years back along with tons of fanzines and thousands of records, so thank you for putting this up! However I have some questions and wanted to email you but here it only says “E-mail me at hotmail dot com”, can you tell me what the actual address is?
    I’m working on a re-issue and I’m looking for some old print ads….

    Thanks! -Noah

    • Does anyone here know how I can get in touch with Vincent or whoever runs this blog? An email? Thanks! -Noah

      • Still trying to find out how to get in touch with Vincent…. anyone? Thanks!

      • @Noah – check your e-mail

  20. yo vincent, can u send me an invite to your blog, we are on the same boat, we love the same genre, i mostly bump the Wu, but yeah man, hook me up please


  21. damn great work!!!!!
    how can i get this???
    can you send me an invite please

  22. this is just great! i’m really enjoying your site, it takes me back in the days when the source was still reliable, before it fell off.
    how can i download this 90’s issues? can you send me an invite please? keep up the good work!



  23. Yo great shit man. I love the source fat tapes and would love to get my hands on the ones you got on here. an invite in would be MUCH appreciated.

  24. any chance you could send me or give me access to

    The Source March 1995 issue featuring Slick Rick

  25. is it possible to get that – The Source October 1992 issue featuring DJ Quik??????????? i have to get that pleeeease send me a working link!! 🙂 🙂

    greetings from germany! 🙂

  26. Please add me to the blog. I have almost damn every SOURCE and XXL magazine ever released. From 1996 until today, every single issue, and about 50 more sources before that. One of the biggest rap fans ever. I wanna check the blog! Please!

  27. Kindly requesting an invite to Thimkingman.blog. Desperately in need of SOURCE back issues. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


  28. Wow, a MILLION thank yous. So here’s my tale – stumbled upon the website by mistake after googling past SOURCE issues. Found the initial links and my mind was BLOWN. Eagerly copped everything I could get my hands on (everything, I believe, on the link you included above). Then I found some link for a SECRET blog. So after buggin out for a minute I finally got my invite proper. NICE! Got everything I could from THERE as well! (about 8 more issues). Now here’s my question… I saw a few posts for “Source Re-Ups”, listing every issue and number from specific years, 1991-94 etc. But… (to my horror)… are these issues NO LONGER AVAILABLE online???

    On a personal note, love the blog and congratulations on the new(er) addition to the family as well! She’s an absolute doll!!!

    peace, and keep up the GREAT work


  29. Hello, your’s is the only place ive found with old rap ads from the source in the web. Your site is very good! I would like to know if you know where i can find old Kool G Rap, Cnn, or mobb deep ads in good quality in the web. Thank you very much and keep up the great blog!

    • @Pablo – I don’t know of any other places to view the ads you’re looking for. Google images may be able to help.

  30. Looking to pick up where I left off. All those issues you made available were clutch. Back in the day I used to read it for the reviews. Since you started posting I have starting reading it for it politics. There were some reaaly good political article back in the day. Could you please add me to your blog so I can continue reading these classic issues.

  31. Yo man, this is def a dope site. I was wondering if there would be a way to get an invitation to the new site. I’m a radio DJ & Hip-Hop lover and being able to read through old Source mags would make me one of the happiest people in the world.



  32. Ayo. I would appreciate it if you could hook me up with a few PDF’s of these Source magazines,i’d offer to contribute by way of a paypal donation if you need be.


  33. I’m interested in receiving an invitation to view this blog by using my gmail account.

  34. im 20 nd i was wondering if u had the lyrics for The Roots – Black Thought Freestyle over Nas – The Message beat. Thanks to my father nd mother i absolutely love old school rap and rnb. Thnks

  35. Peace,Vincent… Is it possible I can get an invite to the old school Source magazines?

  36. Amazing website,

    Great to see so many people freaking out like me! lol this is a great site. Can I get an invite to the other blog?

  37. Hi Vincent,
    Can you please let me know your current email address?
    I just wanted to make a request.

  38. Hi Vincent,
    I was hoping you could help me remove a post made on February 6, 2009
    at 2:51 am @ https://thimk.wordpress.com/2008/10/25/the-source-1994-issues-re-ups/
    It will be greatly appreciated. Sorry I didn’t know how to go about it myself.
    Thanks for your help.

  39. Hey Vincent,

    I just stumbled upon your blog and I enjoy it! I want to know if you can re-up any of your source magazine archives?


  40. Very descriptive and informative website. The links you’ve provided for the magazine are currently unavailable. I would like to know if I could be invited to view magazines from THIMKAGAIN? If so, here is my address…


    And never stop what you’re doing because what you have are considered archives THAT COULD HAVE BEEN LOST IN TIME. But no, they are stored in simple PDF files. Again, great work!

  41. Seriously took me back today, my ummi threw out all my old mags including my ON THE GO stuff. You dont have any ON THE GO gems do you?

    mad respect, thanks for taking me out of the horrible office life for a few mins a day and back to my teens.

  42. Hey!,
    How are you!? Good, I hope! I just noticed your site and have been looking for some back issues of The Source Magazine! One is from Nov/Dec of 1989 with Queen Latifiah on the cover. Another is from mid to late 1991 with Heavy D & 3rd Bass on the cover. Another is also from mid to late 1991 with Ice Cube on the cover entitled, “Rappers and there rides”. And the last one is from 1993 and has Onyxon the cover.
    How can I download these issues? Please let me know, k!? Thanx a lot! Take care and stay safe!

  43. Hey Vince,
    I’m a philadelphia high school kid and a big fan of your blog and also of hip-hop. Me and my friends are trying to get a documentary together about the last emperor and were wondering if you knew any way that we could contact him. I read your piece about secret wars and I was wondering if you could help us get in contact with him.
    Thank you!

  44. Everyone loves it when folks come together and share views.
    Great blog, keep it up!

  45. This is amazing! Can you please add me to the site so i can revisit these great issues of the source?


    Thanks a million!

  46. hey please send me an invitation, madcyborg@hotmail.com

  47. Hi! I dont know if Im doing something wrong with mail you send me, but can you please add me to the site so i can revisit these great issues of the source? It keeps saying I need an invitation.

    I got mail ndouble@live.dk and blogspot: ndrapper.wordpress.com

    Thank you.

  48. how do i get a hold of this fucking guy look at all these comments!? im to late? i wasnt online in 2008 hahaha i got mad issues of source and other hip hop mags like rappages & 4080 & hip hop newswire & subculture how do i trade pdf with this cat????????

  49. Hey can you add me to your blog. I didn’t see what your actual email was. Very resourceful site. I remember having all these magazines. Do you have the old Source from like early 90’s where they asked all the rappers their favorite albums and favorite Hip Hop moments. this was about 92 or 93.

    Hit me up at biged_29@hotmail.com

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