Posted by: vincentlopez | September 8, 2013

The Source September 1993 issue (and Fat Tape) featuring Snoop Dogg (RE-UP)

Source September 1993 #48 September 1993 fat tape

Re-up here




  1. Another classic one man this issue was passed around through a lot of DJ’s and heads back in the day, (as was the Fat Tape) I only have various pages left, so to have it in full is really dope, thanks for your dedication and scanning work VL 😉

  2. Vincent! How do I get an invite to the new(er) blog?!

  3. Can you invite me, please? Thanks, and very good work

  4. Would kill for an invite. Got a few magazines (Represent, Mass Appeal, The Bomb, The Source) in the stash that might be of interest to you (if you haven’t got them already) that I could scan myself…

  5. My email is

    • vincent-
      If my word holds any weight still – both Ivan and Gary are 100% official tissue. I co-sign the both of them as individuals and as productive members of our culture. They would be an asset to have within this community!

  6. May I please be invited to your blog?

  7. How do you go about getting an invite?

  8. How can i get an invite?

  9. can i get an invite please if at all possible?

  10. Vincent Eric from Bloggerhouse..any way I can get an invite?

  11. Invite me please

  12. Invite me please

  13. Invite me please


    from ECUADOR

  15. Would love to read some Source.

  16. please invite. straight from brooklyn…park slope.

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