Posted by: vincentlopez | September 8, 2013

The Source September 1993 issue (and Fat Tape) featuring Snoop Dogg (RE-UP)

Source September 1993 #48 September 1993 fat tape

Re-up here


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  1. Another classic one man this issue was passed around through a lot of DJ’s and heads back in the day, (as was the Fat Tape) I only have various pages left, so to have it in full is really dope, thanks for your dedication and scanning work VL ;)

  2. Vincent! How do I get an invite to the new(er) blog?!

  3. Can you invite me, please? Thanks, and very good work

  4. Would kill for an invite. Got a few magazines (Represent, Mass Appeal, The Bomb, The Source) in the stash that might be of interest to you (if you haven’t got them already) that I could scan myself…

  5. My email is

    • vincent-
      If my word holds any weight still – both Ivan and Gary are 100% official tissue. I co-sign the both of them as individuals and as productive members of our culture. They would be an asset to have within this community!

  6. May I please be invited to your blog?

  7. How do you go about getting an invite?

  8. How can i get an invite?

  9. can i get an invite please if at all possible?

  10. Vincent Eric from Bloggerhouse..any way I can get an invite?

  11. Invite me please

  12. Invite me please

  13. Invite me please


    from ECUADOR

  15. Would love to read some Source.

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