Posted by: vincentlopez | December 24, 2012

What’s the worst…

prince of darkness

…hip-hop album you’ve ever purchased? And I don’t mean a digital purchase. I mean, you actually bought the vinyl, CD, or tape and you may still own it. Everybody makes mistakes. My cousin was completely burned by both Young Black Teenagers albums. He won’t admit that he ever purchased them but I know the truth. As for me, that picture above says it all. Today, I am confessing for the first time that I actually bought this wack ass album back in 1991. I’ve bought a ton of coasters in my day but I was completely burned by Big Daddy Kane back then and I was stupid because I should have seen it coming after that Madonna ish, the Playgirl stuff, and the love songs on the previous albums. But I’m a stubborn guy and Kane was my favorite rapper until 1990 but that was the end. Other than “Come On Down” featuring Q-Tip and Busta Rhymes (his first or second feature, I think), I don’t even acknowledge its existence in my music collection.

So what about you? Name your worst album purchase ever.




  1. I have two terrible CD’s that I just thought of:

    Nas, Foxy Brown and AZ – The Firm


    Canibus – Can-I-Bus

  2. well before i start, @Rabbit- That Firm LP was not bad or terrible at all! It is very underrated in my book! That LP was dope.

    now back on topic, the 1 one that comes to mind is Mase’s Double Up LP. i was so dissapointed with this. i couldnt believe he drop a so bad of a album considering the amount of success he had from ’96-98. Then he had the nerve to retire right after this album! i was crushed to say the least

    and one more time, people stop hating on that Firm LP, it was dope and something that might not ever happen again! appreciate it for what it meant to the game! but again some of yall wasnt around in ’97 to know what it was.

  3. I agree with all of these choices. Common’s Electric Circus album also comes to mind. Erykah Badu had him strung out!

  4. vincent i agree, i was kinda miffed at that album and i bought it the day it came out.
    and Erykah had him strung out likde she did to Andre 3000, but Common was able to recover from it unlike Andre.

  5. I remember waiting for the day Boot Camp Clik’s 1st album “For the People”. I was expecting it to be on the level of “Enter the 36 chambers”. I skipped school and took the bus to the mall. That day both BCC and Krs-ONE’s I got next were dropping. This had the making of being one of the best release dates ever. At the record store I purchased both albums without taking them to the listening stations to check for quality control. I was certain that both would be classic albums. I can look back now and laugh but that day I was felt betrayed. I knew as I listened to BCC that it was a coaster. The album had to be the biggest disappointment I had ever experienced in collecting Hip-Hop albums. Krs-ONE was not a coaster but compared to his 1995 self-titled album it was a huge let down. I kept BCC and every couple years I throw it on and check if it is as bad as I thought it was. I don’t know what went wrong with that album. This album was following “Enta Da Stage”, “Dah Shinin’”, “Da Storm” and “Nocturnal”. At the least it should had been one of the best albums of that year.

    Other certified coasters: Run DMC- Back from Hell
    Doug E Fresh- Play
    Da Lench Mob- Planet of the Apes
    D.O.C. – Helter Skelter
    Rakim – The Master
    Jeru the Damaja- Heroz4Hire and Devine Design

    • I absolutely agree with Run-DMC’s Back from Hell album. They weren’t focused at all and neither was I because I was dumb enough to buy the vinyl then buy it again on CD.

  6. First of all, I just have to say I love your blog! It’s sip dope and I’m glad I found it! But Worst album I ever bought was HNIC by Prodigy. I only bought it for “Keep It Thoro.” I was mad disapointed because I love Mobb Deep! Also, I bought a Juvenile album that was garbage. I Forgot what it was called haha. Only track that was hot on it was a song with Lil’ Wayne called “White Girl.”

  7. Sweat by Nelly I started wih will Smith and beastie boys and moved to outkast and Nelly before public enemy and wu tang and only the Nelly CD was ever my rap embarrassment until I bought the black eyed peas monkey business hoping it would be like bridging the gap or elephunk but that was their mistake not mine

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