Posted by: vincentlopez | November 1, 2012

It’s Been A Long Time…

…but I’m still here and busy as ever.  Re-ups here may be coming slowly but soon.  Stay tuned.



  1. This blog is open to invited readers only

  2. I will eventually add invited readers using their email addresses. Yours will be added first.

  3. yo vincent its me bro!!
    hey for some reason i cant access those re-ups!
    please add me in bro! u know i been wit u since day 1!!

  4. @Brandan – You’ll be added too.

  5. hey remember my e-mail address is

  6. This is a request for an invitation.

  7. did u start adding people yet? just wanna know.

    • @Brandan – not yet

  8. Can you please add me to the list.

  9. Hey Vincent, great to have you back. Can you please add me to the list ?:

    Thanks & welcome back

  10. “Follow procedures, the crowd couldn’t wait to see this
    Nobody been this long awaited since Jesus”

    Hey Vincent, great to see you back.
    Been patiently waiting for a re-up.
    Please add me to your blog.

  11. Wow. Can I be down, please? I waited for this. I’m the guy who was begging you to come back last year, asking for the Redman – Real Batman and the Freddie Foxxx, Craig G. Large Pro freestyle. Please add me:

  12. Love this blog add me please

  13. Please add me dude

  14. Yo, can I get an invitation, big fan of the site. Here’s my email:

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