Posted by: vincentlopez | January 1, 2013

The Source February 1996 issue and Fat Tape RE-UP

Source February 1996 #77

Source February 1996 #77 fat tape

Re-up here




  1. Can you please invite me to your site with source scans?


  3. Wow ! All these mag were not available were I grew up when I was young… Would be cool to have a chance to read them now while listening…
    Hope I can be added ( Thanks in advance vincent.

  4. Wow, your private now anyway to get in?

    • Yup. Just added you.

      • any reason i am not added yet ?

  5. Thanks for the invite vicent !
    Just for those who didn’t heard about it, check this documentary about Galt MacDermot made by Gasface Team :

  6. Any chance of me getting an invite bro?

  7. Man this issue takes me back. I can remember catching the streetcar with my friend and taking a 2 hour ride downtown just to get my hands on the next source issue,

  8. I really hope i can be added too, i want to read it so badly,thanks in advance ..please..

  9. can you invite me? thx

  10. Do you have the August issue?

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