Posted by: vincentlopez | December 18, 2013

The Source March 1992 issue featuring Fab 5 Freddy, Ed Lover, and Dr. Dre from YO! MTV Raps

Source March 1992 #30

Pages from Source March 1992 #30

Available here


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  1. Would love an invite to the new blog. Glad to see someone is working hard to preserve these pieces of hip hop history and I salute all the work you’ve put in.

  2. Can I get an invite to the new blog. I would love to read this issue..I missed it when it was on the news stands.

  3. I got onto this site while looking for source covers for a blogpost im writing myself about gangster rap. You have done great work here and looking at all these source magazine covers brings back memories. we should link up –

  4. VL be rockin it !

    Hopefully I can be added on to the list of invites on the new blog.

    Thanks again, CL

  5. Was on the old list. Would love the chance to read some of my favorite issues during hip hop’s golden era. Thanks!

  6. This is classic man… I’ve been looking all over for these issues.

  7. Can I please get an invite to your site? I would love to read this issue again. Thanks!

  8. Can I get an invite to your blog too? Thanks from Italy! LS labentia dot signa at gmail dot com.

  9. Can I get an invite? Thanks!


  11. invite me
    javier almagro from ecuador

  12. you really have preserved an insane amount of history hear…which is great for the younger heads if they wanna go look for it,

  13. please can i get an invitation ?

  14. Would be great if you could invite me. Thanks a lot!!!
    gottschalk.david (at)

  15. Please send invite, I would love to see the old Source Magazines again… I wish I still had my collection. Those I didn’t cut up to put on the wall anyways!

  16. Hey can u please invite me i really wanna check out these old issues thanks

  17. Hey, could you hit me with an invite? (not the e-mail this comment is posted with)

  18. Can I get an invite to your site? I would love to read this issues. Thanks!

  19. I would love an invite as well! Thanks!!

  20. Your site’s takin’ me back down memory lane. Thank You for puttin’ in all the dedicated hard work. I actually started buyin’ every Source issue from Jan. ’94 when I was a freshman in High School… I stopped buyin’ ‘em sometime in the year 2000. Anyway, I would love an invite so I could check out the issues before 1994. Much appreciated. Thanks!

  21. Hi!
    Great site and I love the old Souce mags. Can I get an invite?
    Much appreciated. Thanks.

  22. Hey, ‘d love an invite too!

  23. Hey is it possible to get an invite to the new site? Would love to get access to some of these old issues, big fan and doing masters thesis on 90s female MCs. Amazing you’ve got them all posted up here!

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