Posted by: vincentlopez | August 5, 2009

Early 90’s Hip-Hop Album Advertisements

With various print magazines folding nearly every week, I realized yesterday that I miss one important thing about these magazines.  The album advertisements.  There’s nothing like flipping through an old magazine to see what new album and group was being promoted at that time.  Back in the early nineties, it seemed that every label bought at least a half page ad for their artists.  I went through a few ads yesterday and saw Common Sense’s Resurrection album ad.  Because of some legal issue, he was forced to shorten his name but my CD from 1994 says Common Sense on it and that’s how I’ll always refer to him.  My younger cousin didn’t even realize that his name used to be Common Sense and the fact that he had a full page ad back then sort of bothered him (he’s not a fan).  As if he shouldn’t have had that much promotion in the first place.  The other part of advertising I miss is the promo item gimmick.  Jeru’s ad for a bar of soap (he was a dirty rotten scoundrel, remember?) was the best example of this to me.  And did Heavy D’s label really give away chocolate bars as a promo item?  Anyway, take a moment to stroll down memory lane here.  There are tons of old ads below that you may not have ever seen before.

2pac ad

black moon ad

souls ad

red and meth ad

pharcyde ad

black sheep ad

common sense ad

coup ad

outkast ad

del ad

tribe ad

jeru ad

dr dre ad

masta ace ad

nas ad

beatnuts ad

blood of abraham ad

epmd ad

gangstarr ad

extra pro ad

funkdoobiest ad

liks and wu ad

kurious ad

fugees ad

grand puba

heavy d ad

ice cube ad

krs-one ad

casual ad

illegal ad

da youngstas ad

artifacts ad

akinyele ad

black moon ad3

ok ad

snoop ad

diamond d ad



  1. Blood of Abraham. Wow. Couldn’t stand em. Wow.

    Those ad’s were like a time warp.

    Wow. Casual. Intoxicated demons. You just took my teenage jawn and flipped it.Man reading magazines use to be so much fun.

  2. brings back memories

  3. Old school!
    Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

  4. man i really dont know what to say. those are like pieces of artifacts.
    would i would do is, blow those up into posters and put them through my house! thats would i would do!
    put them in frames or something.
    those things are like pieces of art!

  5. Dope

    The full page ads where half the reason why I bought rap magazines. The walls in my room were filled with these ads.

    thanks for this.

    And to Brandan E : I think I might just do that

  6. Damn these are nice. Do you have anymore?

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  8. Concerning the “month of the man” add, how come it says presented by the “death squad” instead of “def squad”? Did Redman and them change the name of their crew later on to be more acceptable to distributors, etc. ? Or maybe they changed it out of respect for the oldschool graf crew called the death squad? Or is the slang term “def” derived from “death” and not “deaf”? I don´t get it.

    • @ Jasper – It was probably just a typo.

  9. This..This just bring a tear to the eye.

  10. wooooooooooooooooooow

  11. unbe-f**kin-lievable.. CO-SIGN All the comments

  12. yo did this youngstas album ever come out? the production lineup looks incredible!

    • @Hook – Did it ever come out? Heck yeah (in 1993) and it was/is dope. One of the top two ‘kiddie’ produced albums ever along with Illegal’s only album. If you haven’t heard it, but it, dl it, borrow it today. The remixes are fire, too.

  13. currently listening to Casual – Fear Itself for the first time GREAT album… bought it of ebay after seeing the advert here…. thanks for helping build up my collection

    p.s. also bought Artifacts – Between A Rock and A Hard Place thanks to the blog

    • Nice to hear that you’re listening to the good ‘old’ music. Keep building that collection.

  14. All this music speaks to my soul. Cheesy, yes, but this music make me smile.
    Check out this podcast, it has all the old school boom bap jams and then some….

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  16. Reblogged this on thehiltonburnellfiles and commented:
    Those 90’s hip-hop album advertisements are f**ckin’ awesome. I had those CDs like “Enter The Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers” and “The Chronic”.

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