Posted by: vincentlopez | August 7, 2009

Ego Trip: Behind the Boards with Pete Rock

Another interesting article from Ego Trip #7 (Q-Tip, Large Pro & Posdnuos cover).  This is one features Pete Rock (my 2nd favorite producer of all time) after he and CL decided to part ways.  We all know who benefitted from that decision in the long run.  This is late ’95 so I assume he was working on completing that INI Center of Attention album, which features some of his best production work ever.  Get those instrumentals if you haven’t heard them.

pete rock_Page_1

pete rock_Page_2

pete rock and cl ad2

pete rock and cl ad3

pete rock and cl ad



  1. Pete never gives good interviews, but this is still a pretty interesting read.
    It’s cool to see Dilla’s relationship with Pete mentioned, too.
    Thanks for sharing, Vince.

    • maybe he doesnt like giving interveiws like most producers. keep this in mind,all producers wanna do is make the music. i dont blame pete not wanting to do them because alot of these interviewers ask the bogus bullshit questions that he probably hears over and over and over again like scratched vinyl. As long as he keeps making dope music for hip hop who frikkin cares wether he does good interveiws or not.

    • he is not here to give interveiws,he’s here to make music. Fidduck a interveiw. i cant stand doing them either. Corny!!

  2. I see You are back. please invite me to the other jawn.

  3. im just glad i was able to tell Pete Rock over the phone how big of a fan i was of his and gave him mad love. i had to a chance to speak to him. a life highlight!

    guess what… i did the same with primo!!

    2 of the all-time greats and a had chance to speak my piece with both. with Lord sear in the background, im just glad he didnt clown on me.

  4. this blog is so dope…check this video out of me going thru my old rap mag collection…about 7:10 in is where i pull out my real gems, old sources from early 90’s with gangstarr, a tribe called quest, biggie with twin towers covers etc…would love to check out your blogspot, please invite me to read! thanks for checking out the video…keep up the good work…

  5. p.s. here’s an old post from one of my blogs, thought you might be interested to see someone else on the same page as you (pun intended)….nice work, stay at it…

  6. what’s up Vincent… I’d def. appreciate it if I could be invited to the site… check my site and go under ‘what’s the meaning’ for the email address…


  7. just found this dope website through a wiki link… being too young(17) to own most of these mags would be great to read a source magazine which wasnt wack

    Please invite me.

  8. yo this might be a stupid question but how can i blow this sh*t up a bit so it’s easier to read?

    • Save it as a jpeg file and use a program like photoshop or something else to blow it up.

  9. and i still love the main ingredient to this day. people were trippin.

  10. Nah brother! i m searchin for a site like this for years to find old hip hop magazines…. and i see the site has moved :/
    nah homie can you send me an invite to the new site please?

    i ll appreciate it and if i can help in any way, let me know….

    my email is

  11. Hey Vincent!
    is it possible to get an invitation for ya blog, please?…
    really appreciate what u’re doing here!

    One love, dj Kwestionmark, germany

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