Posted by: vincentlopez | December 24, 2008

D.I.T.S. – Lost & Found

Why is that when you’re looking for something you can never find it?  But then later on, you find it when looking for something else?  Back in the summer, I ‘lost’ a couple of bags of old tapes that I wanted to burn to my hard drive.  I still can’t find the largest bag but I found a few gems hidden on one of the unlabeled tapes.  I know that some of you other old school diggers out there probably have these so let me know if you’ve heard these before.


K-Solo and KuruptDeath Row freestyle –1994? – These two pretty much rip it over the Snoop beat.  I’m really not sure if this was 1993 or 1994 or later but it’s clearly from a mixtape.  It’s obvious that K-Solo was trying his best to get a record deal and some Dr. Dre beats but we all know how that turned out.


RedmanBig Daddy Kan’s birthday party freestyle? – 1991? – I think this was from BDK’s birthday party in 1991.  I think I even have the whole tape with everyone who was hot in 1991 freestyling.  Redman is as animated as ever and his potential was very obvious here.


Lord Finesse and AGStretch Armstrong freestyle? – 1992? –Lord Finesse starts off ok but then gets a little lazy thinking about making beats.  AG was as hungry as ever but ended up dropping a few written verses, too.  Overall, it’s pretty good hearing them do something that most artists today either couldn’t do or would be too afraid to try for fear of losing their popularity.


Masta Ace Inc.Stretch Armstrong freestyle? –1993? – The whole crew gets a chance to shine here but Ace is easily the best and comes through with the comedic rhyme.  Digga tries just a little too hard, though.







  1. Thanks Vincent! Happy Holidays!

  2. yeap

  3. Damn, you got some nice gems on your blog, Vincent! Just discovered it, way too late of course, and all links are dead.
    Can you please reup these freestyles by Masta ace, Redman, Lord Finesse, K-Solo, nd kurupt? That would be great. I would also love to have that unreleased Redman song you titled “The Real Batman”, from another post. Please help!

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