Posted by: vincentlopez | September 5, 2008

Random Tracks from the Shoeboxes

Random Tracks from the Shoeboxes


NasSource Freestyle featuring Kid Capri – from Nas is Coming Source Sampler 1996 – This sampler tape for It Was Written came with one of the Source issues in ’96 (June maybe?).  This is the only track on the tape I didn’t already have on my hard drive.  Not sure if anyone else out there has heard it.


The RootsIlladelph Halflife Demo – 1996 – Jamal (Last Emperor) let me tape a bunch of tracks from The Roots demo sessions for Illadelph Halflife that were given to him from Black Thought, I think.  If you like this, I can post a few more later on.  FYI – It just so happens that Illadelph Halflife was the last 5 mic album, in my little opinion.  I’ve heard lots of 4’s and a few 4.5’s since ’96 but no 5’s for me.


The Last EmperorFreestyle – 1993 – I bought a little microphone at Radio Shack, threw on the vinyl instrumentals (this one is the Scenario remix instrumental) and Jamal went for his.  I can’t remember how I hooked it up to my old equipment but it worked.  I have a few more of these if you like this one.


The Last EmperorMind Over Matter –1995? – This was one of the first recorded songs Jamal let me hear and I’ve always liked it.  I’ve never seen it on any of the mix CD’s either so you may not have heard this before.


The Last Emperor w/ KRS-One, Young Zee, and Channel LiveYeah –1996? – I think I got this in ’96 when he let me tape lot of his newer songs at that time.  I still don’t know why this was never released. But it could have had something to with Dr. Dre.  Up to that point, I had never seen him as excited as the day I walked into his house and he told me that he had literally just hung up the phone from speaking with Dre and was going to L.A. to meet him.


RedmanThe Real Batman – from ??? 1995? – I found this on a tape filled with ’94 and ’95 tracks.  I don’t know where this song came from but it’s one of my favorites by Redman.  I made up the name, too.  If anyone knows the origin and real name of this song, then please let me know.


Three Times DopeCrushin N Bussin original version – from ??? 1988 – 1988 never sounded better!  I found this on a very old tape obviously.  I would like to have a cleaner/clearer version if anyone has it.


Various (Special Ed, Craig G, Large Professor and Freddie Foxxx)Freestyles – 1990 – I also found these on an old tape.  I didn’t have the patience to separate the freestyles.


Poetic DeitySpill – 1992 – During the Hit Squad homecoming concert in ’92, there were quite a few people with demo tapes trying to meet EPMD for a hook up.  The manager for this group stuck to me and my friends like glue after the concert for some reason telling us all about the group.  When we got to my room, I told him to just give me the tape and shut up for a minute.  Some of the songs were pretty good but unfortunately this was the only one I could find on tape.  Being that they were young guys from Philly, they reminded me of Da Youngstas.


Akinyele and NasFreestyle – 1993? – I don’t know who/where I got this from but these guys sound young.  Maybe this was from the Stretch Armstrong and Bobbitto show.





  1. “It just so happens that Illadelph Halflife was the last 5 mic album, in my little opinion. I’ve heard lots of 4’s and a few 4.5’s since ’96 but no 5’s for me.”

    I agree there’s been no real 5 mic album since 96. Even Reasonable Doubt to me is considered a 4.5. Life After Death a 4, Aquemini a 4-4.5, Blueprint 4, Stillmatic 4-4.25 (I was believing the hype for the first year but then I realized there are albums like Tribe and De La’s 3rd LPs that deserved a 5), The Fix-4 (thought Last Of A Dying Breed was better).

  2. Man, you are killin’ it with these demo/unreleased tracks, thanks alot.

    Instead of other blogs who use other people’s links, you put in work and seem to have a lot of treasures in your shoe boxes.

  3. @Krisch – Thanks man.

  4. there were other 5 mic albums since ’96 i think. but i cant name them all at this point. but there are some. cmon now.

    but that illadelph halflife was the roots last good album. and it wasnt good, its a classic!! i still can remember hearing concerto of the desperado, what they do & clones for the 1st time. those were the days. why the roots went away fro that formula, i dont know! i remember black thought was so hot at one point he was supposed to come out with a solo album around ’98. i dont know wha happened with that. if big pun wanted to do a track with u, then u hot!

    i see u have some nice treats vincent. i see u bro!

  5. Dope.

    Diggin the Redman track. Over 6 minutes, but I don’t get bored.

  6. man, i loved ur blog before for all the source magazines. but i cant get enuff since u started diggin out these little treasures from your shoeboxes and even accompany them with sum nice little background stories!

    keep it up, one love!

  7. Maaaaaaaan you are killin’ it with these tracks.

    Would love to hear more Roots and Last Emp demos.

    Good lookin’ out on these.

  8. You know/knew last emperor?! Id love to hear some of those stories! Where? when? how? The only famous connection I ever had was having a crush on a cute latina girl quest was f***ing for a while….

  9. Thanks for the gemS homie! Lovin` ya` BLoG!!!

    STaY BLeSS`n…

  10. Vincent, your blog is inspirational, brotha! I can see and feel the GENUINE LOVE for the CULTURE. Keep it up. Definitely a FIX for us old nostalgists.

  11. any chance of getting this again?

  12. zshare is not working!!!

  13. Hi,

    could you re up this ? Zshare isn’t working

  14. @ Phobiahz – Check out this post for the re-up.

  15. Thank you vincentlopez

  16. Please, please, Vincent, reup that Redman – The Real Batman! I wanna hear that! I also would love to have the Nas Source Freestyle, the Last Emperor feat. Young zee and KRS-One song and the Special Ed, Craig G, Large Professor and Freddie Foxxx Freestyle! Damn, you got some gems here! Please help a young dude out who unfortunately was not up on your blog three years ago (or any other hip hop rarities blog).

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