Posted by: vincentlopez | June 5, 2009

Rewind – The Source February 1992 issue featuring The Geto Boys

Source February 1992 #29

As you already know, the link is not on this site.  Many people have already signed up for new blog and there are only a few open spots left.  Leave a comment if you’re interested.




  1. i went to leave a comment on the new page but had to work.

    i really appreciate everything you been doing homie, can i get a spot on the new joint? hit me at either way it was great work & thanks for the time & effort you put in!

  2. Yo, whats good.

    would love to get on your new blog, please send me an invite..

    would also like to set up an interview sometime. We’ll talk!

  3. I’m hella interested! How do I get a spot for the new blog?

    • @MightyDR – check your e-mail

      • Muuuch thanks man!! I got it this time.

  4. I Gotta get on the new blog!
    Can’t live without my Classic Fat Tape!
    How can I Be down?

  5. Would definitely appreciate an invite. Solid old school blog

  6. would appreciate an invite to the new spot. love this blog.

  7. I’d definitely like an invite… appreciate the scans!

  8. Hey man, I really respect your work and I check for updates of your blog daily, so I would like to let you know that I’m interested for invitation to view your new blog, peace.

  9. dude please let me in to your exclusive club. Your blog is topper tops.

  10. I love your blog, definitely interested in the new blog. Hit me up.

  11. Insane amount of work you’ve put in. It’s greatly appreciated! An invite would be nice.

  12. I really appreciate all the hard work you’ve put into scanning all those old Source mags. My favorites have been the Fat Tapes. It’s unfortunate to see what has happened to your WordPress blog, but I still hope you continue.
    Out of all the blogs that post old school material, THIMK has always been my favorite.

  13. Appreciate all the scans in the past and hopefully in the future,if you continue.

  14. Tons of dope stuff man, love what you’ve done with this blog and would appreciate an invite

  15. my bad yo

  16. if theres any chance still to get into the elite club,then please let me in…much praise and thanks for your previous effort

  17. thanks in advance, i love this blog and would love to continue to follow you on the new one. please send me an invite


  18. Vincent…would love to get an invite to the new site. I’m a fellow head from Philly and don’t know what I’d do without the freshness. thanks brother

  19. please add me to list vincent. from the PF boards.


  20. I want to thank you for everything you’ve invested and shared here. I have only 5 bookmarks and your site is one of them. Would appreciate if you can send me an invitation for the new blog.

  21. Hi Vincent,

    I thank you for your blog, and your posts.

    Could you send me an invitation? My E-mail is:


  22. I’m interested in signing up for the new blog!

  23. must put me on!!!!! love ur blog!!! check mine as well!!!…thanks in advance!!


  24. Been a long time fan of this site. Mad respect for taking me down the memory lane numerous times. Would appreciate it if you can send me an invite to your new site.

  25. It’s a dream if I can get into your new site, the source it was almost impossible to see in my city and the few ones that I’ve got…you uploaded a few months ago. Anyway, thanks for sharing all this memories with us.

  26. Sorry

  27. would you please send me an invite. I’m a dedicated fan of your site and appreciate all the time you take to scan every issue!!!


    thanks in advance

  29. i need an invite to one of the best hip hop blogs thanks

  30. Can’t imagine life without this dope blog! Please add me to the list 🙂

  31. please hook it up with an invite to this blog, this great website is like a time capsule of my childhood! thanks for what you do and taking your time out to scan every page HQ!

    –Cutmaster Cee

  32. @Everybody – Unfortunately, I’ve already got too many readers and Google won’t let me invite anyone else. But I will be removing people from the blog who don’t leave comments. So a slot may open up soon.

  33. Please get at me if a spot opens up. I’d like to keep up with what you’re doing. Thanks.

  34. Ay bro i appreciate all the work you’ve done and i’ve told you that alot of times really takes me back to the good ol days

    my mail is:

    so holla if there’s any open slots

  35. Yes I am mos def interested in signing up for your new blog. Love the site

    my email

  36. Also Vincent i would like to know if there’s a Source cover with Method Man on it from somewhere between 93-95?

    Because as i was watching his performance at the Source awards back in 95 and on the top screen you saw a huge cover with Method Man with an afro

    Other than that again bro appreciate all the hard work

    my mail is:

    • @Throwback – I think that’s the October 1995 issue with Meth, RZA and Raekwon.

  37. I´m also interesting to see that new blog.

    shoutout from Portugal

  38. Hi Vincent

    I’d like to continue to check out your posts on the new blog so if you have any more spots left i’d really like one.

    Thx and know your hard work is appreciated!

  39. What’s good Vincent! Love the blog and would like to be down at your new spot! Keep up the good works and remembering Real Rap/ Hip Hop journalism!

  40. Wouldl love an invite… let , let me in

  41. im interested please…

  42. Blogs been amazing since day one.
    How can I be down with the new spot?

    much appreciated.

  43. @ Vincent Lopez

    Naw i actually found it wasn’t a real cover though it was probably just made for that day

    But i got a question, since i cant join your new blog cuz of the overcapacity or whatever

    is there anyway you can send me a few requested magazines to my mail if i tell u which ones i would like to have? cuz its really some of the ones you posted a picture of a while ago or is that too much work for you?

    hit me back though bro

    still lovin what u doin and the time u put in

  44. I hope their are some spots over for the new blog, cause I would hate to mis out on al the classic material.



  45. Hi Vincent,

    I hope there are still some spots left for your new blog.

    I really would like to get an invite!


  46. If there’s any spots left I’d love an invite.

  47. Hey man, i guess i came too late for the blog

    im an avid young fan of hip-hop, and would like to peep old and classic material, so if i can get an invite, it would be tight and greatly appreciated

    my email is (dunno if you need a gmail account)


  48. i been reading from this blog for ages and im beggin for you to let me on the new plz hit me on

  49. Hey man,

    I love your site and am really interested in joining your blog community.

    I appreciate your efforts and time spent scanning.

    I was excited to see you put up the 2pac issue from 96, been waiting for that for a long time, i ripped mine up in pieces decorating my uni folders with pics.


  50. Hi Vincent

    Sorry to see you closing this down would like an invite to the new blog, if not appreciate all of your hard work

  51. Hit me off with new blog.

  52. I’m highly interested.
    I’d love to be invited.

  53. could i be invited man.
    top 3 blogs on the net.

    preciate it if i could be in!

  54. Hey Vincent, my first time here and already I learn that this blog is closed! It looks pretty awesome, and I’d love to check out the new blog if you still have an invite open.


  55. i’m interested, I def would like to sign up

  56. I’m interested, man! Thanks in advance

  57. i’m interested, i would love to have a spot

  58. Yoo cuz, whats up
    i found this blog while i was at one of my favorite blog, “TSS”, but this is the type of material i have been searching for….i have tons of old magazines to offer for future post also….
    nd im from west philly, need i say more?
    hahhaha, get at V

  59. ps
    but u already knew

  60. is it too late to get in on the blog? im interested

  61. Real dope site, man. I just ran into this site while searching around with Google. I might be too late now, but if there’s still an open spot, I’d love to check out the new site. Appreciate it.

  62. VERY MUCH INTERESTED! i have alot of classic hiphop and graff mags in the stash…let me know if you need anything in you collection!!!

  63. hi bro ithink we are same age ,i m from istanbul aka eastanbul turkey,i got some the source magazines from 2000,but 90’s is wack,i was downloaded from your site but now i do not find the links can u help me bro please….for now thnx fo ya help

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