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The Source July 1994 issue featuring Eazy-E

I first heard Eazy E (and Ice Cube) back in the fall of 1987.  My cousin’s friend went to visit his family in L.A. for the summer and brought back a tape of songs he recorded from the radio.  We had never really heard hip-hop music that way before but we liked it.  Even Eazy’s weird voice didn’t bother us.  Along with Eazy and Ice Cube, we heard the likes of Arabian Prince, Rodney O and Joe Cooley and some other people I can’t remember. Let’s suffice to say that we gravitated toward “8 Ball”, “Fat Girl”, Boyz in the Hood”, and “Dope Man” more than anything because they described our crazy neighborhood almost perfectly.  I made a copy of the tape to listen to in my walkman but I don’t think my cousin ever returned the original tape to his friend.  It was a wrap that next year when we finally saw the “We Want Eazy” video and ran to the store to buy the tape.  I’m sure you know the rest of the story.  But by 1994, the world of hip-hop wasn’t as good as it had been for Eazy.  While Dr. Dre received the majority of the fame, accolades, and love, it always seemed as if Eazy received little to none for the part he played in hip-hop.  Eazy possessed none of the artistic talent of Dre, Ice Cube, Ren, Bone Thugs, etc., but he possessed an incredible entrepreneurial spirit and drive.  He couldn’t produce or rhyme but his ability to bring people together that had talent, made them all famous (and Eazy rich) in the end.  He basically followed the Bill Gates plan.  If you’re not able to do something yourself, you should lie, use your friends, and hire people to do it while you play puppet master.  I think millions of Windows users and Xbox players later have proven that theory.  So why do we hear so little about Eazy today?  I personally believe that if it weren’t for his original blueprint and hard work, labels like Bad Boy, Death Row, No Limit, So So Def, Cash Money, etc. would have had a heck of a time getting started and eventually partnered with major distributors.   


Some other highlights from this issue:


– The three part “Tenth Summer of Crack” begins – includes the “Ten Crack Commandments” that I’m sure Biggie read before recording the song.

Cee Lo (from Goodie Mobb) with the hip-hop quotable for “Git Up, Git Out”

– Microphone Check with Raw Fusion and Conscious Daughters

– Results from the 1st Annual Source Awards

– Dre and Snoop perform in Hawaii


Record Report highlights:


OutkastSouthernplayalisticadillacmuzik (4.5 mics) – I’d still give it just a 4.

CoolioIt Takes a Thief (4 mics)

Top QualityMagnum Opus (3.5 mics)

Ahmad – Self titled (3.5 mics)

Public EnemyMuse Sick N Hour Mess Age (2.5 mics)

Da BratFunkdafied (3.5 mics) – This album went platinum, right?

Warren GRegulate…G Funk Era (3.5 mics)


July 1994 issue part 1
July 1994 issue part 2




  1. Maybe I’m biased because I’m a PE fan, but I didn’t think that Muse Sick N Hour Mess Age album was bad enough to get a 2.5. It should have at least got a 3.5 in my opinion. I know it’s not as good as the first 4 albums, but it’s far from a 2.5. Da Brat’s first album did go platinum, I think she was talking about how she’s the 1st solo female rapper to go platinum

  2. First female rapper to go platinum indeed.

    Muse Sick N’ Hour=GARBAGE.

    Low key, I’m with you on that Kast but imagine hearing them dudes for the first time. Kinda mindblowing dontcha think?

    Eazy E was definitely the first non-rapper, rapper to take it there but the thing that matters the most, they don’t have=artistic talent. He was Jermaine Dupri, Diddy, and (ugh!) Mr. Collipark before they were who they are today but as much as them n****s get praised for their success, they aren’t particulary on everybody’s favorite list. Eazy took one for the team.

  3. Props to you for puttin’ up all these old The Source Mags. I had to throw mine out back in 2000, when I moved, so I appreciate it.

    Anyway, I got particularly intrigued by the 10th Anniversary of Crack sh*t, and they said that there’s a part two in the next Source. Do you have that one too? I mean the August 1994 issue.

    Thanx, HG

    P.S., You right, The Outkast record only deserved 4 mics.

  4. @ HG – I have the August ’94 issue and I’ll scan/post it up soon.

  5. Can you re-up the links plz ?

  6. Yes I would like a fresh copy of this link as well (I swear I’m not a stalker!)

    With that being said, it’s always been my personal opinion that big Simon himself had a hand in expeditating EAZY E’s death sentence. The lawsuits? The frame ups? The disses? The supposed NWA reunion??? All a little TOO coincidental in my opinion.

    I’ve always said Suge killed Eazy, Pac, BIG and TRIED to kill Snoop (but his bodyguard was on point) AND Ja Rule (but the Fed raids of Death Row and Murder Inc shut that one down). Maybe it’s too much weed on the brain, but that’s my thought. And good old Suge Knight is reaping the karmic rewards as we speak…

  7. File Not Found! Is it just me or what?

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  9. Eazy-E’s death surprised me but, on the same token; Life is a BITCH! Rest In Peace, Little Big Man. Your Chooses, your consequences. Same strapped in the genital area at ALL TIMES!!!

  10. Outkast-Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik: Should have been 5 mics instead of 4.

  11. a re-up would be amazing!

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