Posted by: vincentlopez | February 8, 2010

The Source July 1997 issue featuring The Fugees



  1. one of the one’s i didn’t buy back in those days.

  2. lol i remember this one well. canibus was still the sh*t and lauryn hadn’t snapped yet. what’s up with all the 3 mic ratings? i’d put rage at an easy 4 and the lost boyz a 2.

  3. Hi Thimk! I’ve already sent you an email to you hotmail address, but maybe you haven’t read it yet. Can you please send me an invitation to your new blog where I can have access to your older posts and magazines?

  4. the site look impressive.
    can i get an invite
    Plz share the goodness

  5. Does anyone have a copy of that joint from The Lady of Rage Featuring Heather B. & Nikki D. called “The Set Up” ? This song was left off of the actual release but mentioned in this review.

  6. wagwan vincent, big fan of your blog. I was hoping u could link me an invitation so i could access the old issues.

    greatly appreciated!

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