Posted by: vincentlopez | December 18, 2009

The Source June 1997 issue featuring The Wu-Tang Clan



  1. dope. i have almost all the vibe magazine issues including the first one. i can make em into pdf and give em to you if you want. i have a lot of jet magazine issues too. just give an invitation homie.

    • Hey nice to see that big Wu sign!

      Happy holidays to everyone and a happy new year (in advance)

  2. I wanted to ask for another invitation. I had one before and would really like to keep reading the magazines.

  3. I thought my email would show up in the post. its

  4. Dope issue! I must have missed when the site became invitation-only to read the mags..Would like an invite too vincent..e-mail is thanks mang

  5. i must have missed this issue back in the day… could i please get a re-invite? would really appreciate it. thanks.

  6. he doesnt invite, that sucks.

  7. Hey Vince, Still waiting on that Invite

  8. Hey, wow your blog is incredible. Could you give me an invitation to join?

    Keep up the great work. Its good to see the older ill interviews preserved.


  9. Hey Vincent!
    is it possible to get an invitation for ya blog, please?…
    really appreciate what u’re doing here!

    One love, dj Kwestionmark, germany

    please a invitation

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