Posted by: vincentlopez | November 1, 2009

Life Before Death – The Source April 1997 issue featuring The Notorious B.I.G.

Source April 1997 #91

Fat tape April 1997







record report1

record report2

record report3




  1. how i can download this issue my brother cuz i have every Source magazine from 1997 except this one and the one two months later with the Wu cover. Help me out my man.


  2. yeah I also have almost all of the 1997 issues except this one and 3/1997…how can I d/l them? help much appreciated! grant

  3. to me The Untouchable may be face’s worst album it’s just so uninspired with mostly bland G-Funk beats… it’s a 3 at the most… how could he go from the The Diary to this

  4. I was able to download these issues before. Where is the link to download The Source issues? If there’s no link, how can I download these?

  5. Only the last post has big scans, other are too littles we can’t zoom them ? What happends ? Is this normal ?
    Unlike others, I don’t have these issue, not available where I was living at that time, please do something…

    Check little bit of rap and reggae/dancehall

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