Posted by: vincentlopez | October 10, 2009

The Source March 1997 issue featuring KRS-One

Source March 1997 #90

the mics

fat tape

record report 1

record report 2

record report 3

record report 4




  1. Can you stop doin’ this? Makin’ me feel grown. Ha!

    • We’re all older and grown now. Even though you’re a little older than I am! Take it in stride.

  2. LOL @ YN

    Ummm…where the link be at?

  3. Good drop… I had this one. Very telling moment in that KRS story, about how he came thru the Tunnel and performed right after the Bad Boy crew and the crowd just wasn’t into his set so he cut it short. Really kinda documents where things turned another corner, as it relates to the choice in musical aesthetic.

    *cue the ‘Step Into A World’ remix*


  4. Yeah it was tellin how KRS cut his set short. but that was during the golden era in ’97.
    its 2009 now, i bet those people would go bezerk nowadays to have Bad Boy & KRS performing in the same night!! and it was the Tunnel!
    u see those people didnt forsee the future of where hip-hop is going. i bet they shakin heads now and askin they self “damn why did we play KRS like that, what the hell was i thinkin!!”
    thats a legendary show if u think about it: puff, mase, the lox and black rob then KRS??!!! man, thats crazy ill!!

  5. Good Drop
    your making me feel young… i was only 5! when this came out
    the mics unvieled looks interesting… i would like to know if they ever gave an album 1 mic as it seems that the lowest they usually go to is 2.5 mics

    • @LouderThanABomb91 – A 1 mic album? I can’t remember if they ever rated an album that low before.

      • Ohhh yeah… if I’m not mistaken, there’s only ONE album that ever got the one mic… it was Young MC’s ‘Return of the One-Hit Wonder’ in ’97, LOL


  6. hi there i m looking for some the source magazines from 96,97 can i take your links please, for example march 1997 peace out…

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