Posted by: vincentlopez | September 7, 2009

Check The Technique: Liner Notes for Hip-Hop Junkies

CTT Hi Res Cover

ctt chapters

I’ve mentioned this before but after putting down the Malcolm X photo book yesterday, this one found its way into my hands.  If you’re a real hip-hop junkie, then this book needs to be purchased by you (or your mom) ASAP.  We could all make arguments about what should have been included in this first round (Illmatic, Word…Life, Ready to Die, The Chronic, OB4CL, Death Certificate, etc.) and at first I was a little grumpy about that.  But I realized that the author must be including those and many others in the second round.  Let me say this again.  BUY.THIS.BOOK.  I’ve read it at least three times now and I’m still not bored with it.

Read 10 of the album ‘making of’ chapters here:

Buy it:



  1. Actually, ‘Rakim Told Me’ was the first in the series, but that book doesn’t include the title you mentioned above. It’s mostly liner notes from the classics of the golden era. Pick it up if you can, I believe it’s outta print! Here’s hoping the next edition has those classics!

    • I did buy RTM first but CTT includes most of the album chapters from that book.

  2. Could never find “Rakim Told Me”, but CTT is a expanded edition of RTM that included a foreword from Questlove I believe. Dope read if you’re into that kind of stuff. I go back to it quite often.

  3. Great read. A must-have for your collection.

  4. I got to get this book ASAP… I should have asked a long time ago but is there anyway I can get an invite to I got a lot of the Source Magazines, Fat Tapes & a couple Ego Trips you posted back around early 09.

  5. hey vincent did you upload any of your recent links up anywhere?

  6. err not recent…old links. of music

  7. Just found this website today.
    Mad props on what you’re doing.
    definitely getting bookmarked!

  8. Vincent, awesome to see your blog up and going again!

    Oh, and Check the Technique is an awesome read. I bought the book months ago, and went through it pretty quickly. I just wish it was a little bit MORE in-depth.

  9. I usually don’t comment on websites but this one is so relevant and well put together that I just had to stop and say,GREAT WEBSITE.

    • @johnjon – Thanks

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