Posted by: vincentlopez | August 1, 2009

The Source January 1997

Source January 1997 #88

best albums 1996



  1. Hello Vincent. Unfortunately I had to bin all my 90s Source magazines when I moved house in the 98. I think I only kept one issue with the Nas ‘I Am’ interview. Is it possible to have an invitation to the other blog as it would great to read these editions again? Many many thanks. Kris.

  2. i would like to get an invitation to the blog…
    please i look forward to read those scans

    hi from italy

  3. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    my mail is

  4. Vincent allow me to be invited to your blog so i can appreciate your hard work

  5. Lol at you all begging like some crack whores to be invited.

  6. Hi Vincent!
    I was a regular visitor on your website and loved it.
    How do I go about downloading your copy of the magazines now?
    Its been a while and looking forward to checking your website regularly again.

  7. Vincent! These issues are hip hop history at its finest. Thank you so much for shring these classics that chronicle such a golden era. Can you please add me to the blog, as I’d love to further indulge in these artifacts?! Thanks so much!

  8. Yo what the deal, son??? Hot retro stashes!!! Where are the links to download them in their entirety? Looking for ANYTHING Source related 1988-1997. Hook your people up and keep up the great work!

  9. mid to late 90’s were the best. specificaly 1994 1995 and 1996 best years in rap history. 97 and 98 were good to but those three were the best

  10. Hey man! It’s great to see this edition here on the web. I had loads of source’s, but unfortunately i lost them when i moved to another house. This one was the first Source i bought. Could I download this edition? I would really apreciate it bro! Much luv from Amsterdam.

  11. İ m from istanbul ,i write book about 90 s hiphop ,i need 97s Source issues,can u Help me bro..i will be greatful to you..

  12. Hey can u add me thaanks

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