Posted by: vincentlopez | June 1, 2009

The Roots “Live” ~ Part 3



With the help of Spencer and blazedout (both commenting on Part 1), I think they’ve uncovered the mystery of these live ‘demos’.

Here’s blazedout’s comment:

Let’s just put this to bed right now. This live session was performed on 89.1 WNYU Martin Moore and Mayhem in 1996. I’d have to go in my tape crates for the exact date. The show ran from 10:30pm-1am and the band started playing around 12:45am. The show went to static (no pun intended) while they were still playing. The session was recorded to DAT by Mayhem and crew and clips of the entire session were played on the show in the following weeks. Who put out the white label bootleg vinyl for this is a mystery to me (Mayhem?) but I have only seen one copy of this and it it was purchased at Vinyl Mania on Carmine St in NYC (shout out to Carmine). The vinyl is missing parts of the entire session.

If anyone else has any further info on this release, then please let us know.  And if you missed Part 2 (featuring some fantastic freestyles), then you need to sign up for T.R.O.Y.’s SkyPager.

Part 3




  1. please post that part 2 as well much appreciated!

  2. wheres the dl link for pt 3…bless

    • You can get it here -

  3. Bless Vincent….

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