Posted by: vincentlopez | May 20, 2009

The Source November 1996 issue – Tupac Shakur 1971-1996


This issue needs no real introduction. If you’re one of the unfortunate people that have never read this, then now’s your chance to get it. And even if you’re not a fan, you can’t deny his lasting impact in hip-hop. R.I.P. Tupac

Record Report:

M.O.P.Firing Squad (3.5 mics)

Do or DiePicture This (3.5 mics)

Yo YoTotal Control (3 mics)

Trigger Tha GamblerLife’s a 50/50 Gamble (3 mics)

WhodiniSix (2.5 mics)

3-2The Wicked Buddah Baby (3 mics)

The Dayton FamilyF.B.I. (3 mics)

O.G.C.Da Storm (3.5 mics)

Poor Righteous TeachersNew World Order (3 mics)

Da Bush BabeesGravity (3 mics)

Al TariqGod Connections (2.5 mics)

Punk BarbariansSex, Props, Cream and The Drama in Between (3.5 mics)


Source November 1996 issue and fat tape




  1. awesome, i own da original! thx 4 sharing

  2. wow much appreciation bro ive been looking for this

    just a question are you by any chance uploading the Wu-Tang, Biggie and Bone issues?

    i think from 1996-1997 you posted some picture of (random saturday madness)

  3. R.I.P. Tupac! Thanks!

  4. Mad props for this, R.I.P. Pac.

  5. “Drugs” is shining on that Fat Tape.

    Never a flaw…

  6. Thank you Rip Pac

  7. Just sad to have anyone taken before there time. RIP Pac and others who have fallen victim to death’s early presence.

  8. 2Pac 4 Life!

  9. classic! Thanks! dying for those biggie covers!

  10. Man, thank you sooo much for this! I remember being at the Sam Goody in the mall and my mom wouldn’t buy it for me cause i got all eyez on me a week earilier! i was heated! but thanks to this wonderful website, now i can enjoy this incredible issue….peace! much love..

  11. Thanks for this Vincent. Happy Birthday to Biggie & R.I.P. to both of them.

  12. R.I.P. Pac

    You’ve never left my CD/MP3 player much since at least ’94.

  13. good look on this one vincent, u never disappoint,,,btw tons of tupac original unreleased tracks are leaking right down, if you run into them definitely download them!

  14. im very fortunate to own this issue!!

    i remember the day he was shot, we was outside hoopin and a friend of mine came out his house and told us that Pac got shot. But we all didnt believe him. we passed it off. we was like yeah right. but later that night when i went home and i saw on BET what happened i was dissapointed.

    my mother wanted to know why he got shot, i told her that she wouldnt understand and its a long story.

    but now in retrospect, pac would still be alive if he didnt mess with Suge. Pac was tryin to be somebody he wasnt even on that night he tried to pose as a gangster when he asked the dude if he was a crip, why would Pac ask that? then after they beat him down yall know the rest. But Suge set him up i think. Plus i think Suge knew Pac was gonna leave him. i felt sorry for Pac man, cause Suge was basically tellin him what to do.

    its just a sad story in retrospect when u put all the pieces together cause at that time it was a mystery but now the facts are out there.

    MOP -Firing Squad aint no damn 3.5 mics! are u kidding me? thats at least a 4!!

    OGC- Da Storm aint no 3.5 mics either thats at least a 4. Even tho my ni**a BIG didnt like them, they was still was ill.

  15. hey Vincent, i m just wondering if we could exchange links? i like your blog

    pm me if you are in and i will post your link too
    keep up diggin

  16. Firing Squad is MOP’s best LP. At a push I’d say it was a classic.

  17. another dope fat tape

  18. how can I read this mag?

  19. I really need this! I’m looking for that reggae mix in this with the 3 slim fine jamaican women sittin on the loudspeaker. Props and Thanx in advance.

  20. Giving Bush Babees “Gravity” 3 mics is a travesty. No wonder the group was so overlooked. Tho Al Tariq’s “God Connections” received 2.5 mics, it got a pretty good write-up in the review.

  21. Please tell me how to suscribe

  22. how can I read this mag?

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