Posted by: vincentlopez | May 18, 2009

Ego Trip: 20 Slept On Albums

ego trip1

ego trip2

There are more than a couple good albums on this list and a few are personal faves of mine.  That Akinyele album was one of best in ’93.  He’s got crazy punch lines for days.  Of course, Masta Ace’s album was ridiculous, too.  If you want beats, listen to Primo get busy on Livin’ Proof.  The production was so good, he could have gotten Dikembe Mutumbo to rhyme with Dap and Melachi and it would have still been in heavy rotation.  The Odd Squad album is just hilarious.  I think Devin the Dude was in that group.  The only one I’ve never heard is the Convicts album, which I’ll be listening to on my way to New Orleans this week.

Get all 20 albums

Part 1

Part 2




  1. Yrs, Devin was in Odd Squad. Fadanuf Fa Erybody is great album!! Convict’s album is more than good, especially songs like ”Penitentiary blues”, ”Peter man” and ”1-900-dial a crook” feat. Geto Boys.

  2. The Convicts album is definitely worth a listen. Next to Scarface, 3-2 and Big Mike were the most talented on the Rap-A-Lot roster. “straight Gangsterism” by the Geto Boys was essentially a Convicts song, but they tacked on a Scarface verse for the video version.

    There are several albums on this list that I do not own or have listened to. . .thanks again for the hook up!

  3. CRU’s LP was dope!!! If u was in NYC in ’97 all u heard on Hot 97 was “Just Another case”, “Bubblin” & “Pronto”!! Those tracks was on heavy rotation back at that time!! That LP was bangin!

    Keith murray Enigma’s LP was real dope! I remember back in ’96 when that dropped, i thought it was well received! E.Sermon did a great job on the beats!! it could be argued that the beats on his 2nd LP was better than his 1st LP!!

    Now u know Livin Proof wasnt slept on, ni99az knew about that LP!! Its in my all-time 10 LP’s List, so u already know how i feel about that LP!! no doubt!!!

  4. Group Home is and was an instant classic for me.
    Odd Squad is dope! And man, the Milk album is hype! Get’s your head noddin’ right away.

  5. Maybe in 1999 Slaughterhouse was underrated but not today, at least not in the blogosphere. Or perhaps it just turned out that all the 90’s Masta Ace stans became bloggers.

  6. Odd Squad and Convicts are still getting heavy rotation from me to this day. Also I think another well slept on album from Rap-A-Lot was a group called O.G. Style “I Know How To Play ‘Em!” back in ’91. Both members (Original E & DJ Big Boss) have since passed away. Check them out if you haven’t heard their album yet!

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