Posted by: vincentlopez | May 13, 2009

The Roots “Illadelph Halflife” demos ~ Part 1


“…better than most of y’all written…” Black Thought

You may have seen my previous post referencing these demos.  I’ve broken them into a few parts due to reasons I won’t get into right now.  A lot of the tracks were recorded ‘jam session’ style with freestyles and guest appearances from other artists. The other parts will be released later on but they all won’t be posted on my site.  If you frequently check out the T.R.O.Y. blog, then look out for an exclusive demo drop over there via their SkyPager.

And big thanks to both Verge and Andy for their help with tagging these tracks properly.

The Roots Illadelph Halflife demos – Part 1




  1. Aww sh*t here we go again! No problem Vincent, you get nuff props, can’t wait to check these out!!

  2. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  3. Dope sh*t

  4. I love it, can’t wait to hear the rest.

  5. Mad props, can’t wait to hear the rest

  6. hah! i dont know if blu was high or not? but he did take a puff from someones joint in the audience. lol.

    but with em. im not a big fan of him. i feel that he does the same stuff over and over with his music but i do enjoy stan. that was fresh.

    and another dope post! thanx!

    i actually saw them last night at the highline!

  7. yo, cant wait for part 2 of this demo! this is crazy

  8. These aren’t Demos, this is the audio when The Roots were live up on 89.1 WNYU in NY back in the mid 90’s. this was actually released on vinyl as a Bootleg back in the 90’s. Thats why you hear so many guests MC’s come thru that night.

    • @Spencer – Really? If that’s true, then I had no idea. All I can go by is what I was told. Do you have that vinyl anywhere? If so, please send me a snapshot.

      • Vin,

        Below is the linkto one of the versions of the bootleg vinyl, There actually are a few Bootlegs floating around. I live in NY and listened to the show the night this was on. At the time I believe the show was the Martin Moore and Mayheim show which became the Riz and Eclipse show which now is the Halftime show with DJ Eclipse.

      • @Spencer – That link doesn’t match any of the tracks I have. Like I mentioned before, these tracks are almost definitely from the Illadelph sessions in the summer of ’96. Wait until you hear the rest of them. Everything fits that particular time period. But hit me up if you do find another bootleg that matches. I’d appreciate having more info.

  9. thanks for posting these.. and all the other good stuff on this blog.. it says i need a password.. ? could you be so kind to let me know what that is?

    • @gisli – Look on the right side of the page at the top.

  10. ahhh.. ha ha .. sorry… how embarrasin’:-)

  11. Vin,

    If you listen to the first track of Part 1 I believe its Rahzel talking and he starts of saying “89.9 I’m going to say it 5,000 times”. Trust me this is from the radio live (i thought it was actually 89.1), There album had already come out and they were the guest promoting the album. They say the albums out now in the begging of that same track. I tried to find a link online to the bootleg vinyl but had no luck, I will upload a pic when I have a chance to to pull my record out of storage.

    • @ Sepncer – Thanks man. But like I said, I got that tape in the summer of ’96 before their album came out. I need to see that vinyl when you find it. Maybe I’m going senile!

  12. this is even better than the album. raw. like the roots live.

    thank you!

  13. Let’s just put this to bed right now. This live session was performed on 89.1 WNYU Martin Moore and Mayhem in 1996. I’d have to go in my tape crates for the exact date. The show ran from 10:30pm-1am and the band started playing around 12:45am. The show went to static (no pun intended) while they were still playing. The session was recorded to DAT by Mayhem and crew and clips of the entire session were played on the show in the following weeks. Who put out the white label bootleg vinyl for this is a mystery to me (Mayhem?) but I have only seen one copy of this and it it was purchased at Vinyl Mania on Carmine St in NYC (shout out to Carmine). The vinyl is missing parts of the entire session.

  14. what’s the password to unlock these tracks

  15. How do I unlock these tracks it’s asking me for a password

    • @todd – Look on the right side of the page at the top.

  16. Is it possible anyone can repost this demo please as the Megaupload link is dead


  17. I listened that night and many others.But don’t have any tapes any more .Their was a session with roots live where half a mil , el swift and about twenty mcs all killed it even believe it or not foxy brown as a little girl when she went by the name the dutchess .anyone have it….

  18. can someone please re-up this and email it to me? ive been looking everywhere for all 3 parts but all the links are expired. please hit me with the download 🙂

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