Posted by: vincentlopez | May 6, 2009

Eric B & Rakim ~ Follow the Leader


People talk about swagger today but back in ’88 Rakim was the very definition of the word.  That year, when KRS-One, Chuck D, Big Daddy Kane, or Ra picked up a mic, we listened attentively.  I think I saw the ‘Follow the Leader’ video on Yo! MTV Raps that summer and I’m not exaggerating when I say that my friends and I were frozen in place while watching it.  The 1930ish Al Capone gangster concept with the tommy guns and big gold rope chains was totally unexpected.  I may have even let my water ice melt in my hands because that song is effing great.  His voice, delivery, flow, lyrics, and the music are perfectly in sync and demand your full attention.  I don’t think it took me more than a few days to buy that album after seeing the video and we played that over and over and over on the boombox.  If you haven’t heard this song (or album) by now, then get it right here and listen to it immediately.  This is real hip-hop.






  1. Even though I heard Eric b and Rakim’s first album a little after it dropped I never got around to actually giving this a listen until i heard it in Who’s the man film with Ed lover and Doctor Dre. I didn’t know they made a video for this until I first seen it 2 or 3 years ago on youtube!! I was like what the F!!!K? Straight up Gangsta. Eventhough it’s all Mafia Capone imagery he still drops a sh*tload of knowledge. I always ask myself “what if Rakim never was” how would of that effected hip hop?

  2. Rakim always sucked plain and simple. Quote that

  3. HipHopGiant is funny. Obviously you don’t know anything about hip hop. Rakim one of the top 3 greatest MCs EVER!

  4. “Rakim always sucked plain and simple. Quote that” – HipHopGiant

    A real hip-hop giant would never say something that ignorant.

    My personal favorite Eric B. & Rakim track is “Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em”. but yes this is just as nice as iare the visuals.

  5. It’s not ignorant, it’s the truth. Eric B carried that wack rhyming idiot along with Large Pro’s beats as well. Notice how his solos completely suck. Top 3 Nature, Illah Ghee, Lakey Da Kid QB rulz.

  6. Rakim is overrated. He’s not hood. My blog provides the real real hip hop ish.

  7. HipHopGiant you’re one dumb f**ker. Hehe.

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