Posted by: vincentlopez | April 25, 2009

The Top 25 Hip-Hop Albums…according to Brandan


As mentioned previously, here’s Brandan’s (from Recognize the Real) top 25 list. Let him know how you feel in the comment section.

1. Notorious B.I.G. Ready To Die

It was ’94 and me and my brother was with my mother at the car wash listenin to the radio while our car was getting washed. And then me and my brother heard those lyrics “super nintendo, sega genesis, when I was dead broke man I couldn’t picture this!”. Now remember I was in the 7th grade at the time and my brother was still in elementary school, and as we know video games was the sh*t then and for a rapper to use those lyrics was crazy! So I was kinda hooked right after I heard ‘Juicy’. Then a couple weeks later I seen the video and I was intrigued even further. But what blew it open for me was “Big Poppa” & “Warning”, the images from those videos just stuck in my head forever. So me being in 7th grade was now exposed to the finer things in life that BIG was talkin about but also the dangers that come with it. Then the ultimate party jam was “One More Chance remix”!! I was grounded that summer when that video came out, I must have recorded that video at least 8-9x. That was the jam man, I remember a friend of mine that lived down the street had the cassette single of One More Chance and his parents had a Lexus. Now none of us knew how to drive, so we just chilled in the ride that night popped in the cassette and put the volume on full blast jammin that tape from front to back!! It was like a worldwide event at that time listenin to that tape. When I was able to get my hands on the LP when it dropped and I was blown away by the album. It was like listenin to a movie and visualizing it in your head!! There was no need to skip any tracks on there, every track complimented each other. I mean it was perfect and I couldn’t stop listenin to that LP. It was a great time in hip-hop when that dropped, and it just gave me a perspective what it was like to grow up in rough situations but comin out of all of that and makin it good! BIG was the ultimate success story and he was a very cool down to earth person, u never heard one wack rhyme that ni99a spit. He is truly the greatest hands down!

2. Nas Illmatic

3. Wu Tang ClanEnter the Wu Tang (36 Chambers)

4. RaekwonOnly Built 4 Cuban Linx

5. Jay ZReasonable Doubt

6. Notorious B.I.G.Life After Death

7. A Tribe Called QuestMidnight Marauders

8. Mobb DeepThe Infamous

9. Group HomeLivin Proof

10. Puff Daddy & The FamilyNo Way Out

now the rest is in no order:

11. CNNThe War Report

12. De La SoulStakes Is High

13. NasIt Was Written

14. LL Cool JMr. Smith

15. Black MoonEnta Da Stage

16. Common SenseOne Day It Will All Make Sense

17. Dr. DreThe Chronic

18. Boogie Down ProductionsCriminal Minded

19. Big Daddy KaneLong Live the Kane

20. Jay ZIn My Lifetime Vol. 1 / Vol.2 (hard to choose between them)

21. A Tribe Called QuestThe Low End Theory

22. Mobb DeepHell On Earth

23. GhostfaceIronman / Supreme Clientele (hard to choose between them)

24. Fat JoeJealous One’s Envy

25. Camp LoUptown Saturday Night




  1. Wow. Um… Interesting List. You know, I may wanna post my top 25 just to compare, cause an eye for an eye….

    • @John Q – Let’s see your top 25 list, too.

      • John Q’s Top 25 (or 50) hip hop allbums coming soon!!!!!!!!!!

  2. group home? jealous one’s eny? cnn? mr.smith over mama said knock you out? i could go on and on. . .

    it’s impossible to agree 100% with anyone’s top albums of all time list, but there are some glaring omissions here. no ultra, public enemy, outkast etc. this list is very mid 90’s new york centric.

  3. Don’t think Life After Death is better than Reasonable Doubt…good list though, but I’d put some old school flava on it…

  4. Damn, I mean RD has nothing to do with LAD, of course..

  5. Life After Death > Ready To Die.

    • @TC – Really?!? Please explain.

  6. Hello,
    Ugh, I liked! So clear and positively.

  7. Yo What’s up Brandan I just peeped in on this one and I must say because I follow your blog I am not suprised at your taste since you’ve expressed it on several occasions and I respect that. Your view in my opinion is a personal view more then a consensus view which seems to be the situation with a lot of top 25’s and 50’s and so forth they are opinions! I don’t agree with many of them including yours Brandan but I respect it!! I honestly can’t even make one it would be very difficult haven’t lived through lots of great hip hop albums from era to era!!

  8. Let me correct myself I meant having lived through lots of great hip hop albums era to era!! Sorry for the typo

  9. I can’t knock on that list. Seems pretty similar to what i would’ve chosen since early to mid 90s albums were the best hip hop joints to ever come out in history.

  10. That’s B.S. I’m sorry Cal!! I agree there were plentiful in the 90’s but not all the best!! If you got into hip hop around that time or you’re about 30 and below I understand, however the era in which we call the middle school had some heat too!! Having that said if we look at Brandan’s list it contains 2 relevant albums of that era which are KRS One Criminal Minded and Big Daddy Kanes Long Live the Kane which is very limited! hell off the top of the head where is Eric & Rakim’s Paid in Full, Public Enemy It takes a Nation of Millions to hold us back, RUNDMC a name that’s completely forgotten etc. Damn!! Where’s the love? As I’ve stated previously I f**** with Brandan like that in fact we are affiliates but the top 25 I can’t agree with but I can respect his opinion and yours my brother!!

  11. No disrespect, but this looks like an MTV or VH1 list.
    Puff Daddy on a Top 10 List??? wtf
    All them Bobbito tapes on your blog, and this is ya list?!! J/K Lol
    No Paid In Full?!
    That’s just one example.
    Let me leave now before my brain explodes. Lol
    No disrespect, Peace

  12. And sorry, but IMO, Life After Death doesn’t belong near any Top 10 list ever.
    It was half hot and half hot garbage.

  13. “LL Cool J – Mr. Smith”


  14. i love yall comments man.
    very interesting.
    it seems some of yall is judging the person not judging the music.

    very interesting…..

  15. Once again, East Coast bias is in effect.

  16. Branden, I didn’t mean to offend you, cool breez. I don’t get down like that on the net.
    Whenever heads see Top anything hip hop related lists, knee jerk reactions ensue.
    I still don’t agree on a good amount of the list, but like someone said, it’s personal opinion and nobody ever agrees.

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