Posted by: vincentlopez | April 19, 2009

Females can rock the mic, too!



My wife and I discuss this topic just about every month.  She counsels high school students here in Philly and let’s just say that their musical tastes do not suit her.  She comes from a world where hip-hop and more specifically, MC Lyte rules.  In fact, her top 5 hip-hop albums are:


1. Wu Tang ClanEnter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)

2. MC LyteLyte as a Rock

3. A Tribe Called QuestMidnight Marauders

4. GangstarrStep in the Arena

5. Mc LyteEyes on This


So we frequently discuss the state of female MC’s in hip-hop today and just a few weeks ago, she told me that there are no positive female MC’s in the mainstream.  Basically, if you’re a young girl today that wants to get into hip-hop, who would you look up to?  Of course, thinking about this issue has had me playing my top female MC album lately; Queen Latifah‘s All Hail the Queen.  Have you ever heard this album or seen the album cover (above)?  Latifah was a militant sister with a picture of Africa on her album cover.  I can’t see any lady in mainstream hip-hop doing that today.  What ‘major’ label would support that?  Ironically, it baffles me that now she’s a Cover Girl/Jenny Craig spokesmodel but I guess she has to take care of herself and make money.  But back in those days, she was an emcee’s MC, male or female.  Anyway, I’ve decided to throw up a few of my favorite hip-hop songs by or featuring the ladies.  If you haven’t heard them, then take a moment to listen and reminisce.

Queen Latifah w/Monie Love – Ladies First

MC Trouble – Gotta Get a Grip

MC Lyte – 10% Dis

Roxanne Shante – Have a Nice Day

Lin Que – Rip it Up

Bahamadia – Rugged Ruff

Queen Latifah – U.N.I.T.Y.

Lady of Rage – Afro Puffs

Heather B. – All Glocks Down

Nonchalant – 5 O’Clock

Yo Yo w/Ice Cube – What Can I Do?

Nicki D – Daddy’s Little Girl

Lauryn Hill – Lost Ones (remix)

N-Tyce – Hush Hush Tip

Nicki D, Paula Perry, Rah Digga, Heather B, Precious P & Bahamadia – Six-Pack

MC Lyte w/Positive K – I’m Not Havin’ It

Eve – Love is Blind

Salt ‘N Pepa – My Mic Sounds Nice

Antoinette – Who’s the Boss?

Monie Love – Monie in the Middle

Sweet Tee – On the Smooth Tip

Boss – Deeper


Females can rock the mic!




  1. fresh

  2. Ladybug from Digable Planets – any song (especially from Blowout Comb).

    I like H.W.A (Hoez With Attitude) – a group that everybody laughed at – but their EP Az Much Ass Azz U Want is nice little album that I listen to this day. I doubt that your wife would dig that album.

    Much props.

    P.S. I appreciate that you included Boss and Nonchalant in your list – people are forgetin’ their efforts.

  3. that n-tyce track is still the ish!

  4. yo thats a ill female MC mixtape!

    Bahamadia- Rugged Ruff? no UKNOWHOWEDU Or True Honey Buns or 3 the Hard way?

    but neither than that its all good.

    remember, in 1996 Lil kim & Foxy brown changed the whole landscape of female MC’s. They were real dope when they came out and it ws all good, but look at it now and there were some repercussions that came after that. now u gotta be sexy and all of that instead of being a true MC.

    but in my opinion MC Lyte is best female MC of all-time, with Latifah comin in 2nd.

  5. last emperor
    some tracks i uploaded..

  6. I feel the same way about the females back then. They sure can rock the mics too!!

  7. you should check out a new Aussie rap group called The Last Kinection, they have a female MC called MC Nay, shes dope & kinda militant too. check out Still Call Oz Home on youtube, she flips the Still Call Australia Home lyrics to be about how the Aboriginals were killed & raped etc when the English first “discovered” Australia. She can sing too!

    I can never give enough props for this blog mayne, keep it up!


  8. I really miss the female emcee. You can still find them but you really have to dig. The young girls could really use someone like Latifah or Lyte to look up to.

    You should check out or get your wife to check out this album by Zane called LA Women. I can’t stop listening to it and for me it was so refreshing to hear a female emcee hold down an entire album.

    You can check her out at

    GREAT POST. I am going to listen to Lyte when I get home from work.

  9. what about Brixx? A lady that worked together with Mos Def?

  10. this is way off subject but i got a question to anyone out there who got the answer:

    do you know where i can find that damn “Gin & Juice” Live performance with Snoop Dogg, Dogg Pound and Dre behind the 1s and 2s @ the American Music Awards 1994?

    i know that you can find it on Youtube but the quality is real real real bad

    so anybody that know holla

  11. I’m surprised nobody here has mentioned Jean Grae yet. Her album Jeanius with 9th Wonder last year was great. Also, Invincible’s album Shapeshifters was one of last year’s best.


  13. yo Berto, almost forgot about her!

    i got all of her joints she did with 9th Wonder! she got skills!! yo vincent u should check her out!!

    • @Brandan and Berto – I have a couple of Jean Grae CD’s but this was primarily about ladies from the 80’s and 90’s that I liked.

  14. Females suck on the mic, they all just need to work the pole in the strip club.

  15. 2 MC Lyte albums in the top 5? That’s stretching it.
    Bahamadia needs to start cracking some more top 5 lists, in my opinion. Not a 90’s rapper though.

  16. Bahamadia is garbage, she needs to start doing Maxim mag pics and porn

  17. can’t tell if hiphopgiant is a fool or sarcastic. don’t give a f**k.
    and yes Jean Grae i would say is probably the straight-up best overall female MC ever. seriously. (but my view is that we should not gender MC’s, as it only makes things worse). JG can rap circles around pretty much everyone. go look up taco day on youtube or ‘mean’ or something. also the album babygrande (her old label) put out with Blue Sky Black Death production last year is ridiculous.
    and Bahamadia definitely needs to get some more attention…

  18. The Conscious daughters went pretty hard on the mic back in the mid 90s and their still at it they just released an album earlier this year, Nut Cracker Suite.

    I appreciate this post its good to see brothers recognize the sisters of the hip hop game.

    Oh and I can’t forget Medusa out of L.A. she’s been at it since the 90s (I think even the 80s) she’s pretty damn dope as well.

  19. The Lady of Rage pretty much owned every Death Row song she was ever on and that’s sayin’ a lot considering she shared the mic with Snoop, Daz, Kurupt, RBX, and 2pac.

    If the world was fair, she’d be one of the biggest MC”s in the world.

  20. I’ve had this post bookmarked for some time and keep forgetting to add a comment. But anyways, excellent post and I’m with you on those tracks. Had to pick up that old Bo$$ album cause I hadn’t much but I liked what I heard.

    I think Roxanne Shante and MC Lyte is my all time favorites!

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