Posted by: vincentlopez | April 15, 2009

Ego Trip: Notable Rap Albums That Were Never Released


Of all the uses for the internet (watching movies, online banking, ESPN updates, booking flights, etc.), finding difficult to obtain music is one of the most useful.  Especially finding those rare out of print vinyl 12” rips of mid-90’s hip-hop. So when the first album on this list (K.M.D.’s Black Bastards) fell into label limbo at a time when the internet wasn’t even being used around my way, I didn’t know if I’d ever hear it.  I had been following K.M.D. ever since ’89 when Doom (known as Zev Love X back then) was in that ‘Gas Face’ video schooling the masses alongside 3rd Bass.  After buying all of their vinyl singles and two copies of their debut album, Mr. Hood, on tape and CD in 1991, I wanted to know how they would continue their zany style on their sophomore album in 1994.  But after reading about their label troubles because of the new album’s artwork (read about it in the June 1994 Source), I was a little disappointed.  Fast forward to around 1999 or 2000, when I read about the album finally being released on another label.  The internet had come through again.  I think I bought it over at back in 2000 or 2001 and it was as enjoyable, yet darker, than the first album.  Be sure to check out all of these albums if you haven’t heard them before.

Get all 6 albums




  1. The Testament has been released since, great album.

  2. This is why you tha bestest.

  3. this was dope, too bad megaupload sniped it, i still havent heard that kmd album

    thanks anyways though

  4. @bls – Try again later. Sometimes it goes up and down.

  5. RIP Subroc

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  7. what is the password for the file?

    • @everyone – the password is on the top right hand side of the page. it’s always

  8. Looks like i was faced with a password verification when opening……did i miss something, I didn’t anything in the comments of blog about passwords.
    What to do now ??

  9. whats the pass for the .rar?

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  11. I’d like to see-

    Home Team: Malignant Graffiti

    Bas Blasta: The Mouth That Roared

    • I actually have the album and will be leaking the songs that I produced (5) from said album

  12. yo i been lookin for that KMD joint for a minute, i got to get that track called “What A Niggy Know”!! That track is ill! They sampled a Jody Watley track and flipped it into a classic!

    That Jemini & the Large Pro albums are dope s wel!!

  13. this is way off subject but i got a question to anyone out there who got the answer:

    do you know where i can find that damn “Gin & Juice” Live performance with Snoop Dogg, Dogg Pound and Dre behind the 1s and 2s @ the American Music Awards 1994?

    i know that you can find it on Youtube but the quality is real real real bad

    so anybody that know holla

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  15. This is a really dope blog post. Props.
    It really sucks that so many dope artists got dropped or got they shit shelved.
    This is just scratching the surface.

  16. […] Notable Rap Albums That Were Never Released (According To Ego Trip) […]

  17. Thank you for this Ego Trip thing!! I love your blog

  18. Resident Alien was my most sought after album for a long time. It was rumored that only less than 20 copies exist (maybe even less than 5!). I was really happy when i finally found it in internet a couple years back.
    The album sounds a little bit dated, but for a Prince Paul fan it’s still must have.

  19. I have just listened to the Resident Evil and i’m completely hooked! I love the blend of reggae (not just because i live in the caribbean either) and can’t believe this came out in 1991. I wouldn’t use the term “dated” to describe this but feel “classic” is a more appropriate word. Wicked

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