Posted by: vincentlopez | March 28, 2009

Random Saturday Madness

So I just came back from hanging out with my pregnant wifey on Chestnut Street. I had to whup on her in pool and bowling today. She may be pregnant but she talks ish like crazy. And am I seeing things or are there even more people downtown begging and they’re not even homeless? When is that stimulus money coming to the regular people in the city? Anyway, we took a little time to pick up some old records I had been storing at my uncle’s house in Southwest Philly. I totally forgot what I had over there so I spilled some records out of a crate to take a couple of pictures (below). I can’t believe I still have Spoonie Gee, Original Concept and that Geto Boys album that was re-released under Rick Rubin’s label. Of course, wifey went nuts when she saw MC Lyte’s Lyte as a Rock and her favorite Gangstarr album, Step in the Arena. Looking at all of these records and just being in my uncle’s basement (which is literally filled with thousands of old records that Pete Rock would kill for) reminded me of how I used to lug records around all the time in old milk crates. They were heavy as hell. No wonder why there are so many fat kids out there today. But seriously, I remember trotting from Sound of Market to Funk-O Mart to Sound of Upper Darby searching through the racks for discount records. That was how I originally found Main Source’s Looking at the Front Door 12” single by accident back in the summer of ’90. And imagine paying $2.99 or $3.99 for a full album? Sometimes, if I could peel a low price sticker off of one record, I would stick it onto another record that I wanted. Funk-O-Mart was notorious for not giving an eff especially when I used to come in super early before all the DJ’s came in. By that time, they had a little security on the door because people used to try to sneak out with those large albums under their jackets. Did you ever see what happens to thieves in the back room?



Those 1997 issues may be just around the corner. But I’m not sure if/when I’ll post them. Honestly, I’m getting a little tired of scanning for 2 to 3 hours just to get 4 or 5 comments after 300 plus downloads. So we’ll see what happens after the next issue or two.





  1. Honestly, I’m getting a little tired of scanning for 2 to 3 hours just to get 4 or 5 comments after 300 plus downloads.



    That’s the game baby.

  2. Damn, I want that record collection, lol

  3. Vincent!

    I have looked at all 15 pages of your site, and this is my favorite site period! I’m not just blowing smoke up your a** either! Thank you for the Source uploads, even though I can’t get them. I appreciate that there are others out there that live hip hop like I do! I have lived in Atlanta for many years, and even though you aren’t the biggest fan of early 90’s ATL hip hop, I appreciate what you do like. I am over 30, and during the early 90’s when coastal wars were huge, I remained faithful to this side of the Mississippi. Most of your posts reiterate my views and I am glad that there are folks that remain true to the greatest era in hip hop!

  4. Those pictures gave me a woody….daaaayum.

    I hope you scan the mags. I’m guilty of not leaving comments myself, but I always appreciate you upping them. You’ve provided me with countless hours of reminiscing.

  5. you are highly appreciated my friend… we all just get lazy when it comes to leaving comments. thank you for your hard work and services. this is truly one of the illest blogs on the net!!!

  6. Id be your wet nurse for those two notorious b.i.g. 97 issues. the last source magazine I ever bought.

    the first was biggie talking about being tired of the game and wanted to retire after life and death came out and the next was the next month after his death (first back to back covers ever for the source at the time). And hip hop was never the same. Would make a great double post.

  7. since I’ve discovered this gem, I’m hooked, I hope you find the motivation to keep things going, you have my respect!

  8. You can’t stop doing this Vincent! I am only 18 years old and have been studying hip hop religiously for the past five years. This website helps me to see what was happening in the 1990s when I was still a baby and only cared about Power Rangers. Please keep going with the website you can teach my generation that Lil Wayne or Gucci Mane are not some of the best rappers of all time. And to learn about the essence and culture of hip hop instead of what they see on t.v. or hear on the radio.

  9. Man,if that is only “some” of your vinyl…I am jealous of your soon to be newborn,lol.

    And looking back how did Master P get a Source cover before Outkast or Goodie Mob????


  10. That collection is serious. Damn.
    I appreciate all the magazines you’ve been scanning and posting, thanks for preserving this essential part of hip hop history.

  11. Yo Vincent, thanks for the service you have provided us with the uploads. I’m working my way through all of them (life gets hectic you know). But if you chose not to continue thanks for the memories you’ve provided us golden era heads! Peace and blessing to you, wifey and the baby.


  12. ay i appreciate the sh*t that you do brother its nice to look back at these and remember how Hip-Hop used to be.

    much love and appreciation

  13. Yo Vincent, man u got records ni99az would die for!! i would covet and cherish those records!! be glad and happy of what u got, then in the future u can bust those out and play them and tell the new generation how hip-hop used to be!!

    and u are doing a great thing with the source issues and u puttin in mad work son. u taking time out on what u doing for others. now if u feel u aint being appreciated and gettin no props, then do u son. remember u are choosing to do this not obligated. so if u choose to not do this anymore, then u still got me as a valued friend, and if u need anything bro holla at me man!!

  14. Yea I would be ucked if it wasn’t for this blog and the source uploads…mid-90’s hip hop is my life and I just got into it the during past few years so I need all the help I can get! Your doin a great thing man keep going

  15. I love your site and hope you still keep doing it. I would love to see more old issues of the Source or Rap Pages.

    Looking through some old mags yesterday and it brings back so many good memories.

  16. I’m also guilty of not leaving comments but appreciating what you bring.

    Thanks for everything, man. My musical education is full of holes without you!

  17. OMG ! This is the best hip-hop blog like ever !
    All this history , man you are so god-sent !
    Thanks a lot for all you doing.
    I’ll definetly be a regular.

  18. Goddamn, that record collection really makes me smile, and so does that story about switching the price tags!

    I have been most of the time, but now I’ll make sure to leave a comment on every mag I download from here.

  19. big ups. i just discovered this site about a hour ago. just wanna say thanks for all the uploads & info you post

  20. Just want to say thanks for all your hard work it is really appreciated, Ive been coming here for about a year and this is only the second comment Ive left. So the least I can do is thank you and leave a comment when you post in future

  21. Yeah…

    Vince, I’m from the other parts of the world, and I am listening, making love with hip hop since I was 10 years old. 1986-1996 is the golden and only era of true hip hop records (with a few exceptions before and after). You want comment on Source mags? Well, when I first saw your blog – I couldn’t believe my f***in’ eyes. The first Source I ever got was that 1993 issue with Cube on the cover. Time passed, sh*t got tired, money in your face, money in your ears. Thanks for everything you did and do, but 1997 source issues are bullsh*t. If you will upload them than do it in service for the youngsters to see where the shit started to go wrong.

    Thanks for all the donations.

  22. @matija, sh*t didnt start goin wrong in ’97. u kiddin me?
    it started to go wrong after ’98!

    ’97 was dope year in hip-hop, its part of the golden era.

    so vincent when u get to ’97, post those joints so people can see when hip-hop was still dope and creative!

  23. damn i would love to have the Firm, Biggie, Master P, Wu-Tang and Diddy issues, especially the Biggie and Wu-Tang ones.

    much appreciation for the Nas issue though my brother.

  24. Vincent,
    U r a legend.
    It’s good to know there are other people with such a passion for this world!
    U take me on a mad trip back in time every time I see a new mag posted on ur site.
    Thanks a million.

  25. Brandan,

    didn’t want to sound like a frustrated a**hole. But… 1997 is the year of Master P and Puffy kingdom – which I think ruined hip-hop forever. Wu Tang dropped good album, but it wasn’t anything special – it was too ambitious and far from the raw sound of their ’93-’96 era. Krs-One dropped I Got Next – which was his first bad album ever. Boot Camp Click didn’t do what they supposed to do with their album. Death Row died. Shit, I can’t remember one good thing in 1997. Outkast, Q-Tip, Mos Def and Talib and Dead Prez are the only ones that I can think of that survived that curse of “Make ‘Em Say Ughhh” bullshit or “I just wanna dance” craze that Puff started. Lots of respect for all the underground heads and Boot Camp for keeping hip-hop alive, but when you don’t have a nice leader like you had several leaders in years prior to 1997 – that’s the time when the shit must goes down. Just like The Long Tail doesn’t exist without hits on its sleave, you know. Oh, and those go**amn r’n’b hooks (with no hip-hop liability) started to rule. Oh God, 1997 WAS the year when everything went wrong.

  26. ’97 had Artifacts and ’98 had Humanreck. These years are where my knowledge starts to fall off but I’m guessing there’s some real bombs that were dropped in those years based on the records above. I’d love to see ’97 and ’98 Source issues.

  27. please scan the biggie issue 1997 Now what from after he died…I need that

  28. Man, what you doing is nice, cause these mags are history of hip-hop. Keep doing ur thang. Got a lotta respect for you. Thanx!

  29. Man, what you’re doing is priceless! Much Respect!

  30. so watts up bro?

    are you planing on dropping some of these mags

    • @ddc – I haven’t decided yet. We’ll see after the next couple of mags.

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