Posted by: vincentlopez | March 18, 2009

Public Enemy and The Roots on Jimmy Fallon

I spotted this over at Metal Lungies yesterday.  Man, let me tell you, two of my top ten groups rocking together is almost too much for me to handle.  Aaannnnnddddd….I just read the other day that Public Enemy is performing the greatest hip-hop album of all time (IMO) in its entirety “It Takes a Nation of Millions…” at The Roots picnic here in Philly in June!!!  Tickets go on sale this Friday (?)  and I’m amped like crazy BUT I’m not sure if wifey (8 months pregnant at that time) will want me to just leave her at home while I’m jumping around like I’m 19 again.  But this may be my last time to catch them both live.  So I need y’all to send a nice word or two to soften up Mrs. Lopez for me so that I can go.  😉





  1. I watched PE in November in Belgrade, they performed whole It Takes A Nation … album, greatest rap group of all time did amazing show.

  2. I saw this live on the tube. Killed it. Quest killed the drums and Chuck and Thought did their thing. On paper I don’t know if it would have excited me, but seeing it live was DOPE. Best thing on Fallon’s show to date.

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