Posted by: vincentlopez | March 14, 2009

The Source June 1996 issue featuring The Geto Boys


I’m back for a minute in between family obligations. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get these magazines posted with more regularity in the next few months before my child is born. On the positive side, I’ve been getting the fat tapes done ahead of time since they were slowing down the scanning process.


Record Report:


Ice TVI: Return of the Real (3 mics)

Shyheim – The Lost Generation (3 mics)

The Lost BoyzLegal Drug Money (3.5 mics)

Heather BTakin Mine (3.5 mics)

Kwest Tha Madd LadThis is My First Album (3 mics)

DJ YellaOne Mo Ni**a Ta Go (2.5 mics)

MC BrainzBrainwashed (2.5 mics)

Young ZeeMusical Meltdown (2 mics)


Source June 1996 issue



June 1996 fat tape





  1. what’s the password to extract the file

    • @ghettogeek – the password is in on the right side of the page at the top.

  2. Young Zee-another album that didn’t come out just like Pudgee’s 2nd album that got a 2.5 in the last issue. I wonder if record companies looked at the low rating and the fact that a Young Zee or a Pudgee would likey not move many units and decided to scrap the projects. “We dope as f**k and only get a 2 in the Source”-Eminem

  3. Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lol at those mic ratings

  4. what up vincent!! im glad u still doin yo thang.
    also im glad that i have this issue.

    now look at those mics ratings! aint no way in hell Lost Boys “Legal Drug Money” is 3.5 mics!! its at least a 4 or 4.5!! That LP has like 3-5 classic records on there!!!

    Heather B. “Takin Mine” is 3.5 , but i would say almost a 4 like 3.9. im tellin yall, that LP is better than yall think aside from the 3 singles on there.

    Shyheim “Lost Generation” 3.5? yeah right, try a 4!! this album is bangin people!! how can u deny Shit iz Real, Shaolin Style, Bad boys move in silence, money makes the world go round & still there!! definite banger when this 1st came out!!

    now i never heard Young Zee’s LP, but if yall havent heard the lead single “problems”, then u aint up on hip-hop like u should. that track is as hard as they come!!

    people please look at that phat tape!! just look at it!! this is what hip-hop used to be like!! it used to be like that!! what in the world happened!! there is nothing but classics on that tape!! and a gem for u all, who produced that Common “The B*tch in Yoo”?…………….. PETE ROCK!!! dumfounded are yall!! dont worry cause i was too!

  5. Love what you are doing here with the fat tapes.


  6. Once again it’s on! Thanks, Vincent! You’re the real man! Best wishes 4 your child! Cheers!!!!!!!!!

  7. Has anyone had any trouble uploading this issue?

  8. “Young Zee – Musical Meltdown (2 mics)”

    Ridiculous… I’d give it a 4, easy.

  9. i see alot of comments about ratings that were off, but to me that Kwest Tha Madd Lad is one of the most underated gems. he had a very unique style, he could flip comedic type rhymes, smooth laid back sh*t (whats the reaction = one of the illest singles that year). its crazy he only put out that one album. dude had a lot of talent & potential

  10. I’m searching this old magazine is it possible to have it in pdf please ? I’m from France and it is impossible to find it.

  11. Can’t believe they sh!tted on that MC Brainz album. I just re-listened to it last week and its EASILY a 3 and a half mic effort. I’m quite certain the terrible review was responsible for the albums horrible sales and distribution. SMH

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