Posted by: vincentlopez | February 28, 2009

D.I.T.S. – Leaders of the New School – T.I.M.E. (demos) 1993


Once again, good old Marlon from Brooklyn came through for us again.  From Tribe (twice) to Biggie to Nas, Marlon always knew someone in NYC with an unofficial bootleg from ’91 to ’94.  And he always looked out when he got back to campus from a weekend at home.  It got to the point where I searched him out on Sunday evenings for my new music fix.  Anyway, this is something I found recently while digging through the boxes of unlabeled tapes in the basement. This tape is 16 years old so the quality is just ok.  I cleaned up the tape noise as much as possible.  If you’re in the mood for some music by the young and hungry L.O.N.S. (including the soon to be solo Busta Rhymes), then these tracks may hit the spot. Most were included on the T.I.M.E. album but there are a couple of unreleased tracks in there.  Let me know if you think those tracks are any good.







  1. Damn this looks good! Thanks Vincent!


    Seriously, thank you so much for this. This will be a great resource for the part 2 of my “LONS and The Crisis Of Time” article ( I’m so glad I procrastinated on the follow up no!

  3. Oh my god, Vince! Keep ripping those tapes, man. This sh*t is too much for the senses.

  4. Its a great feeling isnt it Vincent to provide the masses what they want?

    u in the fraternity now kid!!

    but for me im not too big of LONS fan. just PTA, Sobb Story, I. Zone Coaster & Whats Next will do it for me.

  5. Damn, Vince. Thanks so much for this. The Last Emp ones blew my mind and now this?! Thanks again.

  6. Not to sound like a broken here, but this is amazing, yet again. I envy your shoebox tapes collection

  7. Dope, good looking out Vince, loving that Emotional joint, they should have put that on the LP>

  8. The untitled track #7 is Understanding The Inner Minds Eye (track #2 on the retail version) with a different beat.

    I prefer the released version.

  9. Being I worked on this album, I am curious to hear the demos. Shit, I still have their demo from BEFORE they were even signed!

  10. I just peeped it. Ah, NO ONE has “Flashbacks” yet. Dante Ross claims he didn’t like the track. YEAH RIGHT!

  11. One more thing, I have the Demo version of The End is Near. I have to listen again, been so damn long……..firing up my demo version now. Wait, this might be it. I stole that bass from De La…well part of it. The deep swirling bass came from……….

  12. @ Raheem – you need to put burn those other demos man. We need to hear them!

  13. […] Magazine THIMK dug-up a Leaders of the New School demo from the ill-fated T.I.M.E. sessions called […]

  14. I produced on this album. One of my songs is on this demo. I am curious as to who submitted this


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