Posted by: vincentlopez | February 22, 2009

The Source April 1996 issue featuring Ice T


Yeah, I’m still here. Eventually, I’ll get back to normal but in the meanwhile…


Record Report:


MC EihtDeath Threatz (3.5 mics)

Smoothe Da HustlerOnce Upon a Time in America (3.5 mics)

VA – Insomnia: The Erick Sermon Compilation Album (3 mics)

BahamadiaKollage (3.5 mics)

DominoPhysical Funk (3 mics)

Cella DwellasRealms ’N Reality (3.5 mics)

MannishAudio Sedative (3 mics)

Dazzie DeeWhere’s My Receipt (3 mics)


Source April 1996 issue


April 1996 Fat Tape




  1. Finally! Once again it’s on!!! Thanks, bro’!

  2. Thank you once again!!!

  3. Man, its good to see u back son!!

    Aint no way in hell Bahamadia Kollage LP is 3.5 mics!!!??? u kidding me, thats 4.5 or 5 easy!! Thats right, i said it!!! 4.5 or 5 easy!!

    Erick Sermon Insomnia LP is dope as hell, me and my boys used to jam that album on the regular!! i remember like it was yesterday!! 3 mics?? ya right, try 4 or 4.5!!!!

    Smoothe Da Hustler, 3.5 is kinda ok, ill say 4 mics though!! dope LP!!

    Cella Dwellas, 3.5 is kinda ok as well!! If yall dont have this LP something is wrong wit yall, their 1st single “Perfect match” got me hooked on them!! the good ol days!

    and do yall see all the damn classics in that Fat Tape?? im tellin yall right now, those days are long over. they just dont make classics like that anymore. its sad and depressing!!

    • Insomnia=3.5
      Once Upon a time in America=3.5 is fair, tho I wouldn’t have objected to 4.
      Realms N Reality=3 mics, 3.5 is a little too generous.
      3.5 for Kollage also seems fair.

      Physical Funk=2.5 mics, one of the most disappointing LPs of 1996.

  4. I agree with Brandan E. I just wonder why Ganksta Nip’s album ”Psychotic genius” wasn’t in RECORD REPORT? Is it too hardcore for Source or what??? Don’t give me wrong, but I think that all underground rappers from deepest sections of H-Town (South Park, 5th Ward, 3rd Ward…) deserve more space in rap magazines. What about Point Blank? K-Rino? The Terrorists? And the others? They ain’t just H-TOWN legends, they are RAP legends at all, but I didn’t read a word about their work… That’s a shame! Peace to all of you, guys!

  5. Yo, just stopping to say good work on the blog man. I know it takes a while to do the uploading etc. I give you props for keeping the culture alive, and congrats on the wedding.


  6. @ Matt – Thanks man. It does take a while to scan and upload these mags and it really gets on my nerves sometimes. But I’ll keep it going for as long as I can.

  7. This was the first issue I bought when I was out in Montreal in March 96 for the Canadians vs The Rangers game when the Molson Center first opened up. I also bought the DJ Issue of Rap Pages with Premier on the cover and The Vibe issue on the East Coast vs West Coast beef with Puff & BIG on the cover to. I think I also grabbed the Don’t Be A Menace O.S.T and Blahzay Blahzay’s – Danger CDS on the way home. I know I was after Busta Rhymes Debut or The Sunset Park O.S.T. too but either they were not out yet or couldn’t find them anywhere.

    Like Brandan said they don’t make em like this anymore….

    Keep up the good work Vincent!

  8. Peace Vincent. Just wanted to give you props on the Source Fat Tape Posts. Dope sh1t…really brought me back. Iknow heads at my spot will appreciate this.If I repost em…of course credit will be given to you for ya work.


    let us know.

  9. @Clubba Lang – Thanks man. Your spot is ill, too. Just added your link to the site.

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