Posted by: vincentlopez | February 7, 2009

Ego Trip Magazine: Issue #6 featuring KRS-One (1995)


I know a few of you out there enjoy Ego Trip more than The Source. I must say, I do like their record reviews and their no holds barred approach. Let me know what you think.






  1. Another great post. I was wondering when you were going to put up the 100th issue of The Source?

  2. Thanks Vincent! I have issues 1-3. How many were there?

  3. man i dont have no issues of Ego Trip and i only have 1 issue of Rap Pages.
    I want to get all the exclusive issues of those mags!
    yo Vincent if u have any extras or willing to sell any holla at me kid!
    remember i still have those Yo! MTV Raps shows!

  4. @ Dan – The 100th issue will be up later this year or maybe early next year.

    @ Andyman – There were 13 issues. You need to scan those first three issue for me, too. I don’t have those.

  5. Some sections remind me of Source (Featured platters, Rhyme of the month, etc.). Nice lil’ somethin’, but Source is Source. By the way, Vincent, do you have Source issue with Eminem on the front page? I don’t give a damn about him, but i was told there is some interview with Big L, so… Cheers!

  6. Thanks! Never had a issue, only the infamous book.

  7. @psycho – I do have one or two issues with Em on the front. But I won’t be scanning those until 2010 at the earliest.

  8. It’s ok, just askin’! Thanks anyway!

  9. Thanks a lot for putting this up! I read these when they were coming out and have sorely missed them. I hope to see more soon!

  10. I’m all for more ego trip’s issues

  11. yo thanks a ton for the ego trip..hope you put em all up!

  12. Thanks Vince. I’m pretty sure I had this one and there was an add for the Saukrates album that never came out in here. I’ma check now. Thanks.

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