Posted by: vincentlopez | January 24, 2009

The Source February 1996 issue featuring Luke



Record Report:


Eazy EStr8 Off tha Streetz of Muthaphu**in’ Compton (3.5 mics)

CoolioGangsta’s Paradise (4 mics)

Kris KrossYoung, Rich & Dangerous (3.5 mics)

Lord FinesseThe Awakening (3 mics)

The D.O.C.Helter Skelter (3 mics)

Spice 11990-Sick (3 mics)

Young LayBlack & Dangerous (3.5 mics)

5th Ward BoyzRated G (3 mics)

Key Kool & RhettmaticKozmonautz (3 mics)

VA – Bay Area Players (3 mics)



Source February 1996 issue


February 1996 fat tape






  1. Thanks, man!

  2. thanks

  3. Thank you!

  4. Never seen so many 3 mic albums in one issue!

  5. Aint no way in hell that Lord Finesse- The Awakening LP is 3 mics!! That to me is at 4.5 easy!! I jam that album damn near every few days or so!! The Source is dead wrong for that 1!! But i think i have this issue, so im glad at that at least.

  6. Young, Rich & Dangerous is an easy 4 Mics.

    @ hotbox

    Oh, there’s been issues where that’s all there was. That’s how Hip-Hop has always been. You got your stars and the rest are mediocre. Some fans just like the mediocre.

  7. TC: I agree that most of the albums from this issue are underwhelming, I’m just saying that the Source was famous for overrating albums much more often than underrating, so it came as a minor surprise to see mostly 3 micers.

    Brandon: I’m a Finesse fan as well, but I feel that album deserves the 3 mic rating. By 1996, his rhyme style and technique were outdated and his self-produced beats were repetitive and uninteresting.

  8. Thnaks for the drop

    (Luke on the source was like mixing vodka and milk, to me anyway).

  9. I hope Vincent still think about us hip hop junkies and workin’ on posting the next issue-march…. Sorry for buggin’, Vincent! Peace, bro’!

  10. Danger Remix and Real Live Sh*t— damn hot sh*t …CHeers

  11. Lord Finesse-The Awakening: Should have been 5/5 instead of 4/5.

  12. Lord Finesse – The Awakening is a 3.5, I guess those interludes hurt it. Gangsta’s Paradise is a 3 mic album.

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