Posted by: vincentlopez | January 13, 2009

Rewind – The Source May 1991 issue featuring Ice T


Jo from Germany comes through for us again with another older issue.  I can’t wait to see what other issues we’ll receive.


You know, my wife absolutely hates Ice T.  She calls him the fakest of the fake so I won’t say anything about him.  But remember when rappers actually had something thought provoking to speak about?  KRS-One (my all time favorite MC) drops by to discuss the original war in Iraq. I clearly recall me and a few of my friends being stressed about the possibility of being drafted for that war.  We weren’t sure if we even could be drafted but none of us wanted to leave school to fight for the elder George’s personal beefs.  So when I saw this issue back in ’91, I felt like someone I could relate to was finally speaking up about it.  Unfortunately, a friend of mine, who enrolled in the military voluntarily that year, was chosen to go to Iraq and I can’t describe adequately how depressed she was.  The worst part of it was when the local news ran a short segment showing soldiers from Philly and South Jersey during the last two weeks of December 1991.  When I saw her sad face in Iraq trying to force a smile while that silly ‘Jingle Bells’ music played in the background, it broke me.  She clearly hated her experience there and I don’t think she was ever the same afterwards.  So next week, when Mr. Barack officially becomes President Obama, I’m hoping he’ll announce a final plan to leave Iraq and bring everyone back home by 2010.


Oh yeah, there’s also a very interesting piece about the lull in Philadelphia hip-hop.


Record Report:


Main SourceBreaking Atoms (4.5 broken records)

Boogie Down ProductionsLive Hardcore Worldwide (4 broken records) – Still the BEST live hip-hop album I’ve ever heard.  You must hear ‘The Eye Opener’.

Chubb RockThe One (4 broken records)

L.A. PosseThey Come in All Colors (2.5 broken records)

FaceDownIllegal Drugs Really Hurt (2.5 broken records)

Yo YoMake Way for the Motherlode (3.5 broken records)

Lifer’s GroupThe Real Deal EP (3.5 broken records)

Rappin’ Is FundamentalThe Doo-Hop Legacy (3 broken records)

Redhead Kingpin and the FBIAlbum With No Name (3 broken records)

KMCThree Men With the Power of Ten (3 broken records)

Ed O.G. & the BulldogsLife of a Kid in the Ghetto (3 broken records)

Craig GNow That’s More Like It (3 broken records)


Source May 1991 issue







  1. can hate on Ice-T all yall want music wise ( i only like Colors, and another joint he did in ’96) but his actin is on point. when he did New Jack City, i mean that performance is flawless! I mean who knew? just like Ice Cube in Boyz in da Hood, who knew he was that good!

    now back in these days of Rap buying an issue of the Source was very informational. it was no polictics in the game, no beefs back and forth and all this other crap Rap has evolved into today. The Source provided very good information of album reviews, when peoples album is droppin and knowledge about certain rappers careers, plus different topic on world views. its totally different from when u buy a source mag today or during the late ’90s and early [art of this decade. Rap back then was still fun and very fresh!

  2. wow, this was my first Source ever!! I still should pick them up sometime at my parent’s place

  3. Great! Another sure shot from the early 90’s… I hope more mags from 1990-1991 will follow. Thanx!

  4. Original Gangster is a classic album. You should give it a listen. It’s got beat poetry, tributes to Nelson Mandela, skits, an explanation of the true meaning of the word “bitch”, and a reexamination of the idea of “love of the ghetto” in Black America.

    It’s a really complete record. Hell, he even defends MC Hammer on it, which was at the time a lil’ surprising, but now I get it.

  5. I originally downloaded the source magazines you posted a few years back. I have roughly from 92-94. I just came back online to continue collecting what you were posting, but there is no longer any access. My friend informed me that there was a period of time in which you extended access to certain people who requested. I would greatly appreciate if you could do this for me. These older source magazine are an invaluable source of information of hip hop history for me.

  6. Is there an actual download link for this one still available?

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