Posted by: vincentlopez | January 10, 2009

D.I.T.S. – The Last Emperor


The good people over at T.R.O.Y. ( really keep me on toes searching through the Timberland boxes in my basement full of tapes. A few of them posted some Last Emperor demo tracks on their forum and I decided to add a few more unheard demo tracks and freestyles to the mix along with some old favorites. I dubbed all of the demo tracks straight from Jamal’s own tapes back in 1995 and 1996 so they are fairly decent quality. I will continue looking for another tape with his tracks that may contain a few gems. In the meanwhile, please send me your opinion of these tracks.


Last Emperor demos and freestyles 1990 to 1996



1. Yeah – Featuring KRS-One, Young Zee and Channel Live

2. Invincible

3. Jungle CatsI remember him telling me that he wanted Eve to be ‘Cheetara’ on this track since he had met her through Dr. Dre but I guess that didn’t work out.

4. Monumental

5. Secret Wars

6. Meditation

7. Party Crashers

8. Dis Myself

9. AnimalisticsThis is the polished version.

10. HeavenHe was kind of upset when he saw Tupac’s video because they had made sort of the same song but Jamal’s version was from 1995, I think.

11. AnimalisticsThis is the original version with mistakes and no sound effects.

12. Black Magic

13. Mind Over MatterOne of my all time favorites. I like this version much better.

14. Bumsoriginal version

15. Rock the Spot

16. Takin’ Out MC’sI have no idea who the other MC is on this track but the first time I heard it, I busted out laughing because he’s very clever. Listen closely.

17. Bums (remix)I call this the Tribe remix version even though someone else did it. I LOVE it!


Freestyles, etc.

18. 1992 Freestyle in Kam’s dorm room featuring Kam using Tribe’s “Scenario” remix instrumental.

19. 1993 Freestyle in Kam’s dorm room featuring the 3rd floor Freddy D crew using Malik’s original Tribe like beat that I love.

20. 1993 freestyle in my dorm room using the Radio Shack microphone that only lasted 2 years – this one utilizes a Main Source instrumental.

21. 1993 freestyle in my dorm room – this one also utilizes a Main Source instrumental as well as the Brand Nubian “Concerto in X Minor” remix instrumental.

22. 1993 freestyle in my dorm room – this one utilizes Tribe’s “Scenario” remix instrumental.

23. 1993 accapella freestyle

24. 1996 or 1997 freestyle at the Art Institute featuring my homie Mike pka Agenda (R.I.P.) who passed away in 1999 from cancer – this one utilizes The Root’s “The Lesson Pt. 1” and surprisingly, I brought along a little Roy Ayers to trick Jamal but he rode the vibes like a pro while spitting the beginning “Meditation” lyrics. Mike didn’t fair so well but he tried. By the way, we couldn’t get the studio equipment to work correctly and the engineer wasn’t there on Saturday to help us so you will only hear the sound coming from one speaker.







  1. Thanks! The white label with Bums and Secret Wars was my ish, i remember really anticipating his pronounced albums that never came out.

    Curious about his demos.

  2. Um, these look interesting and stuff, but the RAR file has a password lock. D’oh!

  3. @Scribe – The password is literally right under the link. look up!

  4. Thanks. I looked all over the post and couldn’t see it. And thanks for that “Ego Trip” ish.

  5. dopeness


  6. where’s the link?

  7. please reup! last emperor is da sh*t

  8. when were most tracks besides the freestyles 1990-1996 made?
    anybody have more info , i assume not all the tracks are from 90-96

    • All the tracks I had were from the end of 1996 at the latest. I don’t recall copying any demo tracks from him past that year.

      • thx for the info

      • Hey Vincent…..This is DJ Filthy Rich from the TROY forums. Can you please re-up this? It’d be much appreciated homie

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