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The Source January 1996 issue (1995 Review)


While the rest of the hip-hop world reviews 2008 and ponders 2009, I’ve been steadily sifting through the hip-hop world of 1995 and 1996. Right off the bat, I want to know if you think 1995 was better than 1994 based on the albums released in those years. Whether you think ’94 was better than ’95 or vice versa, ’95 was a great year and I still believe it was Wu-Tang’s year of supremacy. It was also a good year for Loud Records since they released both Mobb Deep’s The Infamous and Raekwon’s Only Built for Cuban Linx.  The owner of the label, Steve Rifkind, must have kicked himself for not finding a way to sign ODB and Gza as well.  1995 also saw Tupac release his best album (Me Against the World) while locked up, then Suge bailed him out and flew him straight to California to record 20 albums worth of material. Good hip-hop music was not only being released from just about every area of the country (check the fat tape and list of albums below) but it was getting consistent nationwide exposure even with the cancellation of Yo! MTV Raps and the beginning craziness of the East Coast/West Coast beef. This definitely shows in the 1996 issues of The Source with only two artists from the East Coast gracing the cover (Nas and Mobb Deep) in the entire year. But enough of my blabbering, just let me know, what was the BEST ALBUM of 1995 in your opinion?


Source January 1996 issue


January 1996 fat tape




  1. Really hard to say, it is a tight race, but i think OB4CL wins ahead of Tical, The Infamous, 4,5,6 and Me Against the world.

  2. I STILL have my original copy of this Source issue. I remember when I bought from a store formerly known as Young’s Supermarket in my area, back when The Source was $2.99. This has always been my favorite issue of The Source, and part of that is because 1995 is my favorite year of all time in hip hop, and Vincent, your opening paragraph tells it all. That Source sound system and Fat Tape basically details what an awesome year 1995 was on all levels. As far as which was better between 95 and 94, respectively, they run neck and neck, and even though 95 is favorite year, 94 is right up there, and I’m still debating that one, lol.

    The BEST album of 1995, IMO, definitely goes to my #2 favorite album of all time, and that’s Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, w/o a doubt. 1995 was the year of Wu-Tang supremacy, I agree w/ you there Vincent, and that’s another reason why I continue to love 1995 so much. Overall, I will own this issue forever, and it will always stand as a testament as to how hip hop USED to be, and it’ll NEVER be this good again.

  3. Thank you vincent. Its a shame that i was only 5 in 1995. would love to be around the golden age.

  4. 1995 to me was the best year in hip-hop, i almost have every dope album that came out that year! i was in the 8th grade in ’95 and i remember dope music coming out damn near every week!!
    i gotta say the dopest album to come out in ’95 was Raekwon “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx”, that album is legendary. But im tellin u, there was so many classic albums that came out year man, so it was all good! There will be never another year like ’95 again!!

    and also i thank god that i actually own this issue and this issue is one of my fav. issues of the source of all-time. just classic material, every now and then i read it just to go back to memory lane and remember the good times!

  5. 1. OB4CL
    2. The Infamous
    3. Tical

  6. I can’t say which was better but 94 and 95 were the best years in hip-hop besides 88.

  7. Best albums of 95:

    1.Only Built 4 Cuban Linx
    2.The Infamous
    3.Dah Shinin’

  8. Only Built 4 Cuban Linx and The Infamous in the same year … f*ck, man, we took that sh*t entirely for granted at the time. I really thought that era would never end.

  9. Best Albums of 95:

    1. Only Built 4 Cuban Linx (Pinacle of Mafiosa Rap)
    2. Liquid Swords (Not Listed… Like I Care, Listen to album and do flip on me eva again)
    3. The Infamous (Shook Ones..nuff said)
    4. Dah Shinin’ (BUCKTOWN)
    5. Me Against The World (Pac at his Best (Yeah I said it))
    6. Tical (Meth at his best)
    7. Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version (YA CANS SHIMMY SHIMMY YA OR DARE VENTURING IN TO THE BROOKLYN…ZOOO!! (Miss this cat to this day)
    8. Do You Want More????!!!! (Title track…BANGS)
    9. E-1999 Eternal (Bone-Thugs at their Best (Still looks out for the 1st of the month))
    10. Dare is A Darksidez (Redman on some other man ish.. so Redman his usual great self).
    11. The Most Beautifullest Thing In The World (Keith at his best destroying the dictionary and competiton)

    And That Be Me 95′ list.

    You know 95′ might actually be ths best year in Hip-Hop. Why you Ask? This was the year Hip-Hop seemed to be at best with it’s diverse array of music available and after another year, things would never be the same.

    So I give mad props for droping this issue to masses (Seriously more cats should drop a comment or two becuase it must take a while to scan and upload these issues and the Fat Tapes)


  10. This was the first hip hop magazine I bought
    I must add that I’m not from the US and before that hardly knew anything about American hip hop music
    It changed my whole world I bought nearly all the cd’s of the year in that mag.
    Unfortunately hip hop isn’t what it used to be in those times.
    about the best:

    Keith Murray
    Cuban lynx
    KRS one
    Redman’s darkside album

  11. i liked 95 because it seemed like the 5% nation was on the rise ,lthat year as well as the artist that represented it .95 was also a good because the underground hip hop scene was at its most potent times ;this was the era where you can listen to awhole album over and over for months ;and still not get tired of it .96 year was even better.

  12. 1994 was definitely the best year of hip-hop. It was 1994 that saw the release of _Illmatic_, _Ready to Die_, and _Southernplayalistic_ by OutKast. These three albums represent not only the emergences of All-Time greats, yet also they are three of the best albums of ALL OF MUSIC.

    Sure, 1995 had great albums, and more great albums than 1994 did. But the albums of 1995 were just that, great albums. The three above albums and the artists that broke through as a result of them are hip-hop’s finest and most important.

  13. Oh and as far as the best album of 1995 goes, objectively speaking it’s _Liquid Swords_. _OB4CL_ was great, but RZA’s production is perfected in GZA’s dark masterpiece. And it’s just that, a masterpiece.

  14. AZ Doe or Die is such an underrated classic!!!! It’s a crime it didn’t get 5 mics!

  15. 94 nas biggie and meth representing the east coast outkast fugees and bone thugs n harmony being the last rush of group hip hop groups before cliques took over looking at you g unit young money cas money and the St lunatics and finally coolio da brat and Warren g showing pop rap could have more street cred than mc hammer or vanilla ice

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