Posted by: vincentlopez | January 6, 2009

This is why I love REAL Hip-Hop!!!









  1. i agree vincent, but im blessed that i have the original episodes of the clips u posted!

    i have tons of yo! mtv raps episodes & videos from ’91-’95!!
    plus a couple of episodes of rap city from the 90’s as well!!

    im blessed like i said earlier that i can go back to memory lane!!

  2. Real Hip-Hop…no such thing…

  3. Ba Ba Ba Ba Bup or something like that…

    But yeahm I know what you mean or is it I mean that you know (Who cares SUnny D is free until Midnight)???!!!

  4. Downloadable, higher quality version of Main Source vid here –

    Large Pro RIPPED that sh*t to pieces. Not taking anything away from Red or Souls because they killed it too, but Large Pro’s stage presence is intense. It always kills me to see how short he is.

  5. Str8 up bangers!
    “Fakin’ The Funk” is my jam – I still get chills when the beat comes in!

  6. AWESOME videos. They are some of the reasons I love real hip hop also.

  7. yooooo……why u took my link down homie…what’s beef??? Beef is when you take my “fat tape” idea and run with it….nah, jus’ playin…thanks for all these f*ckin’ scans….I have em all in a binder sittin’ on my toilet…makes for great morning reading on the deuce train….but seriously, can you link a brotha ‘ up?? Take care


  8. “Fakin’ The Funk” is my jam – I still get chills when the beat comes in!
    I hear that sh*t when I bop down the street.

    Baaaa ba ba ba baaaaaaa…..

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