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G.O.A.T. Redux



I posted this way back in February but I’m posting it again just to get your definitive opinions once and for all. 


Please give me your #1 choice (and your reason, if need be) for each below:



My answer – KRS-One



My answer – Run-DMC



My answer – Public Enemy “It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back”


Blaze Dec 98_Jan 99









    My answer – Rakim


    My answer – A Tribe Called Quest

    What is the BEST HIP-HOP ALBUM EVER?

    My answer – Ice Cube AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted

  2. u gonna spark some reactions on this one vincent, but here we go!

    Best mC/ lyricist/ hip-hop artist- Notorious BIG. just look at what he done in his short time here from 2 albums. he did everything u can possibly do in that time. he quickly became the man that represented a whole coast. he was only 24-25 but he accumulated so much power! he could rip a live show we seen that, his lyrics are legenday he never said a wack rhyme when he was alive. the man is a legend point blank period.

    Best Hip-hop duo/ group ever- WuTang!
    This changed the whole dynamics of rap when they came out. i remember when i was high school, there would be fights cause people was getting into arguments about if they was a real Wutang fan or not. Name me another group that trigger that response. Another thing is every member of this group each has their own classic LP (except inspecta deck, u-god & masta killa). each one of them represented and too k Wu to another level. Just go back to late ’93 and remember the energy that they brought in the game, that should say it right there.

    Best hip-hop album ever?
    cmon vincent, this is hard for me cause i cant choose 1.
    i mean could it be:
    reasonable doubt
    ready to die
    enter the 36 chambers
    only built for cuban linx
    no way out
    midnight marauders

    i dont know, but anyone of this is my fav’s. im sorry vincent but i cant choose 1 bro.

  3. Best MC…….KRS-ONE

    Best duo/group……Outkast, hands down. I’ve said several times that they have the strongest body of work in the history of hip hop. Really.

    Best album……By All Means Necessary, Boogie Down Productions.


    John Q’s Answer: Rakim Allah

    Best Hip-hop duo/ group ever:

    John Q’s Answer: A Tribe Called Quest (but by looking at me site, where did you think I was going).

    What is the BEST HIP-HOP ALBUM EVER?

    John Q’s Answer: Illmatic (Pefection on Wax, Nuff said)


    My answer – 3 stacks. aquemini is the reason why.

    2. Who is the BEST HIP-HOP DUO/GROUP EVER?

    My answer – outkast. see above.

    3. What is the BEST HIP-HOP ALBUM EVER?

    My answer – illmatic. enough said.

  6. 1. Best MC Ever: Jay-Z. He’s done everything, influenced everybody, 3 classic albums, evolved and shifted and branded himself to every audience in the world.

    2. Best Group/Duo: Outkast with Wu-Tang being a very close second. The only brick in the ‘Kast catalogue is “Idlewild”

    3. Best Hip Hop Album Ever: 36 Chambers. I realized the stock answer in every TV special and serious magazine article is Nation of Millions and I’m not downgrading it–it had a bigger social and cultural impact, but 36 Chambers has everything in a masterpiece hip hop album; catchy hooks, filthy beats, great skits, amazing quotables, new slang, movie clips. You are really are pulled into a world when you put that album on.

  7. Does anyone know a site that has old issues of ego trip mag?

  8. 1. Rakim
    2. EPMD
    3. Illmatic

  9. I’m gonna have to agree with you across the board. Not because I’m a “yes man,” but when you really think about it, those answers are hard to argue with!

    Here’s what I mean:

    1. Off the top of my head I’d have to say Rakim. I wasn’t listening to hip hop when he first came out (give me a break, I was 6) but looking back and studying hip hop you can see how a lot of rappers before him weren’t that complex with their rhymes. Not saying they sucked I’m just saying a lot of it was like Dr. Suess, Mother Goose, simple words that rhymed like “bat” and “fat.” When Rakim burst on the scene everything changed! Rappers not only gave him his credit, but they soon started flowing like him and every rapper since then owes even a little bit of their style to him. KRS-One even said (and don’t quote me on this cause I can’t remember exactly where) that Rakim was the best MC ever.

    KRS-One however, still puts out music to this day. It may not be the best stuff out there, but he still rocks shows and, at times, flows with the energy of a hungry MC. Don’t believe me, check him out on “The DJ” off of DJ Revolution’s King of the Decks.

    Still I remember seeing Rakim live in 2002 at a DJ battle. There he was, the god MC, RAKIM! I remember him just flowing, spitting the lyrics to all his classics, slowly pacing around the stage.

    In the end though. I’d have to say KRS-One.

    2. I wanted to say A Tribe Called Quest cause their sound is what many use to describe similar artists out now. Like if you were talking to someone who didn’t know who Little Brother were you’d be like, Little Brother is great, they sound like Tribe.

    Although Run-DMC came out in an era when hip hop was starting to see dollars, they did get up and say, “you know what, we’re out here with our Adidas, no flashy suits.”

    3. The album question will always be tough to answer but I think It Takes A Nation of Millions is definitely it! When Top 100 lists are made of the best albums (regardless of genre) this is one of the few, if not the only, hip hop album that makes the cut. And not just like at #98 or #75, but like in the top 25. The album is a collage of so many sounds and Chuck D’s lyrics are fierce. Grandmaster Flash says in his memoir book that for a while he was upset with many hip hop acts that came up after He and The Furious Five rocked. But when Chuck D came along, GMF was thoroughly impressed by him that he said said Chuck was just some kid rhyming, but a man, a real man!

  10. Greatest MC: KRS-One

    This guy practically invented gangsta and conscious rap. He battled and destroyed Melle Mel, who was at the time the GOAT, and essentially ran out of people who wanted to fuck with him. Even LL aint make that mistake.

    Greatest Rap Group: Public Enemy

    3 Classic Albums. Don’t hold “Flavor of Love” against them.

    Greatest Rap Album: Illmatic

    It’s perfect. The only perfect album ever made.

  11. 1. Who is the BEST MC/LYRICIST/HIP-HOP ARTIST EVER? Rakim.

    2. Who is the BEST HIP-HOP DUO/GROUP EVER? Wu-Tang Clan.

    3. What is the BEST HIP-HOP ALBUM EVER? Nas-Illmatic.

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