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The Source August 1995 issue featuring Bone Thugs-N-Harmony


Well, Thanksgiving is on the way and I decided to give everyone their turkey early this year since I’m taking a short break from posting to hang out with the family and get ready for my wedding next month.  Of course, it kind of sucks that wifey and I can’t really get down and eat with the rest of family since we’re both vegan but at least she’s cooking something separate for us and most importantly, baking a sweet potato pie for me this year.  I can taste it now!!!  And even though the Eagles will probably lose on Thursday night and mercifully bench Donovan McNabb for the rest of the year, that pie will keep me happy through all the interceptions and fumbles we’re bound to see.  Enjoy the holiday people!

This year, I consciously set out to listen to hip-hop music that I hadn’t previously listened to at all.  On the list this year is DJ Quik, Too Short, E-40 and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.  DJ Quik was a pleasant surprise earlier this year (along with the Nappy Roots album) and almost immediately when the summer rolled around, I was listening to Bone Thugs.  I must say that way back in ‘94/’95, I pretty much hated their ‘sing songy harmonizing’ sound and style.  Basically, if it wasn’t Black Moon, Wu-Tang, Nas, Redman, KRS-One, O.C., Biggie, Tribe, Gangstarr, etc. then it wouldn’t be purchased with my hard earned money.  And back then, there was so much good music coming out (with limited funds), that it was very easy to ignore Bone.  Heck, I even ignored Tupac until he died.  So like I said, I decided to get into the music that I had previously ignored (for the record, 2009’s list includes UGK, Mia X and MC Breed) and give Bone a spin.  Surprisingly, it wasn’t as awful as it had sounded to me back in the 90’s.  It must be the age thing.  And my fiancée looked at me like I had a butt face when she got in my car and hear me bumping ‘Thuggish Ruggish Bone” and “Days of Our Livez”.  So I’m officially a Bone fan now and can safely say that the fat dude in the group (Greedy Bone or whatever his name is)shouldn’t even be in the group.  His horrible voice pretty much distracts me from enjoying otherwise good music.  E-40’s voice does that to me, too, but no one likes everything they hear, right? 

Anyway, do you consider Bone to be one of the top ten hip-hop groups of all time?  And who’s the best rapper in the group?


Some other highlights from this issue:


         Large Professor writes the monthly editorial

         C. Delores Tucker targets hip-hop and Time Warner

         Tupac gets married in prison – What ever happened with this marriage?  Was it annulled?

         ‘Hip’hop gear’ is banned in high schools around the nation

         Gza with the hip-hop quotable for “Labels”

         (Lazy a**) Stephon Marbury hits The Source while still in high school

         Micrphone Check with Mack 10, Lost Boyz, Dove Shack, and DJ Polo

         Guns and gun violence in hip-hop and America

         Kevin Garnett’s going from high school straight to the NBA


Record Report:


Grand Puba2000 (4 mics)

LunizOperation Stackola (3.5 mics)

Mack 10Mack 10 (3.5 mics)

Prince Markie DeeLove Daddy (3 mics)

Special EdNeva Go Back (3.5 mics)

VA – The D&D Project (4 mics)

MC BreedBig Baller (3.5 mics)

PistolThey Shoulda Kill’d Me (3 mics)

L.A. NashL.A. Nash (3 mics)

Mista GrimmSituation Grimm (3 mics)

     5th Ward JuvenilezDeadly Groundz (3.5 mics)


Source August 1995 issue




August 1995 fat tape





  1. That Special Ed album from reviewed in this issue is vastly underrated. The title track and ‘Rough Till The Ending’ are the ish.

  2. @CommishCH – That’s one of my favorite ‘sleeper’ albums of all time.

  3. i think the upload is wrong. i’m getting a 800k jpg – not the pdf

  4. Is there a slight error going on w/ the mega upload link? Each time I download it, it just gives me the front cover of the BONE Source issue?

  5. R.I.P. Breed.

    And being a product of Columbus, Ohio, I was probably one of the biggest Bone fans on the planet. 2000 was the year of their resurrection and ultimate demise but they’re shoeins for top ten. It’ll probably be hard to find 10 credible groups who maintained a career with enough accolades and quality material to even be considered.

    As for the Pac marriage. They caught up with her a few years later, (I wanna say 97) and she explained it in further detail. They divorced, he was always on the road, she said his weed smoking couldn’t get her pregnant…I’d like to see that article again.

  6. Please, check the link, Vincent. And thank you for posting classic stuff!!! Your blog is in everyday check for me for whole last year. Respect from Moscow!!!
    Oh. And congratulations to you guys with Obama!


    Can u fix the link on the bone thugs issue please? i need my fix and your the only guy delivering it!!! much respects- keep doing your thing, 1.

  8. thank you Vincent for another one.

  9. happpy thanksgiving vincent! have a great one today!

  10. Bone’s definitely top 10. For me it goes something like this.

    1. Public Enemy
    2. NWA
    3. Run-DMC
    4. Outkast
    5. A Tribe Called Quest
    6. Bone Thugs N Harmony

    Just based on cultural impact, influence, body of work, sales, and longevity of music.

  11. The file is’nt available anymore.. any chance for another re-up?

  12. @Speen – I just checked it. The link is still working.

    • How can I download? I don`t see any link, Do I need invitation or register as a blogger?

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