Posted by: vincentlopez | November 20, 2008

5 Burning Questions

Q-Tip and Busta Rhymes


We all have questions that linger in our minds from time to time.  Here are a few of mine that you may be able to answer for me:


1.      Of all hip-hop artists ever, has Busta Rhymes done the most cameo appearances on other artist’s remixes and albums?  It’s been 17 years now so he may have the most but I’m not sure.

2.      Is Scarface really going to retire this year?  Or is he looking for a better deal somewhere else?  He did say he was going to retire way back in 1994 and we all know how that went.

3.      How many beat snippet interludes has Pete Rock done in his entire career?  And does anyone have them all collected in an mp3 file anywhere?

4.      Why the heck hasn’t Nas gone gold with ‘Untitled’ yet?  Of every gold/platinum hip-hop album this year, I haven’t liked one better than ‘Untitled’ even though it’s a subpar album?  Is Def Jam sabotaging him?  Come to think of it, what happened with the promotion of The Roots album, too?

5.      Out of LL Cool J, Big Daddy Kane, Q-Tip, Method Man, Diddy and Lil Wayne, who has had the pleasure of pleasuring the most number of beautiful women?  No retreads or chicks that are less than dimes.  I’m talking about the best of the best looking women.





  1. 1. Quite sure he holds the title. Either him or Snoop.

    2. Look up the definition for Emeritus

    3. U’d be surprised what the internet holds.

    4. Nas is lazy. Plus his album ranks like #5-6 this year. But he ain’t trying to promote that shit. The video to “Hero” was extremely lacking for a heatrock of a single, one that had the energy the radio looks for as well as lyrical content/quality “purists” still check for. He’s a bum.

    5. Lil’ Wayne pleasures ni**as.

  2. ok vincent, im gonna be the first to rock this sh*t, watch me do work!!

    1. I gotta agree, i think he has. either him or Puffy, Puff Daddy or P.Diddy. u get the point.

    2. I think Scarface might go ahead and retire, but in a recent interview he said the money speaks alot, so u never know. But like him, Jay, Nas & LL & Busta- they dont have to make another album if he wants to, their legacy is already set. so virtually its on him.

    3. I know Pete done alot, i might have half of them, but not all. but i might have all of them, i gotta check tho. But those break beats Pete had were good enough for to be on albums. he got mad joints for years!!

    4. Good point Vincent! That Nas album was bangin!! I was real surprised by it. im surprised it has gone gold or platinum yet. thats kinda weird. I doubt it Def jam has nothing to do with it, but this isnt the ’98 version of Def jam when at that time they was majorly promoting their artists with alot of magazine ads and commercials on BET. those were the days! The Roots to me had their run from ’94-’98. So it really dont matter, i got love for them though.

    5. This is a tuff one vincent, but i have to say the 3 thats in the running is LL, BDK & Diddy. Those three been with all the finest women u can think of. I mean damn, too many fine ladies from Madonna to J-Lo. So its out of those 3.

    aiight Vincent, there u have it bro! ONE!! Good topic!!


  3. didnt know Nas didnt go gold yet that’s crazy

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