Posted by: vincentlopez | November 17, 2008

Fast Forward: The Source September 2008 issue featuring Nas


I’ve been meaning to scan this issue ever since I bought it because it’s really not bad at all.  However, I didn’t scan all the boring advertisements so if you need those, you’ll have to buy it yourself.  Also, I scanned this issue while watching my beloved Philadelphia Eagles stumble to an unfathomable TIE against the Cincinnati Bungles!!!!  Because I was cursing at the television (uhhh…Donovan McNabb), there may be a page or two turned the wrong way.  Then again, if you’re complaining about that, you’re full of…


Source September 2008 issue





  1. Thanx!

  2. _____ gettin’ 4.5 Mics=Bullsh*t.

  3. I actually picked this one up, it was pretty decent. Yo, what is your opinion on ‘Untitled” gettin 4.5?


    How the hell didn’t Donovan know about the tie rule? Better question…Why the hell would he admit to the media that he didn’t know about the tie rule? I could see Vince “Dumb” Young not knowin but Donovan? Come on now!

  4. Thanks for the scan.

  5. @Damon – It wasn’t a 4.5 at all. It was a 3.75 in my opinion. He can’t pick consistently good production to save his life but at the very least he has ideas and lyrics far beyond most people who sold more records than him. He should have found a way to convince Def Jam to combine ‘The N___ Tape’ and ‘Untitled’.

    I don’t even want to get into that tie crap. He’s been in the league since ’99 and he didn’t know? I’m still angry about it.

  6. Or basically, he should’ve put some more energetic material like “Cops Keep Firing” and “War Is Necessary” in the fray. Nas is lazy.

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