Posted by: vincentlopez | November 1, 2008

Public Service Announcement

…and vote for my son in 2050!





  1. Awwwish. Look at those cheeks. I wanna squeeze ’em.

  2. listen to the lil’ man!!!

    get out and vote!!!

  3. Ha ha! That’s what’s up!

  4. Rock on! Just to let you know… over here in The Netherlands it was on the news that 85% of my country wants Obama for pres. I’m sure this is the same in almost all other European countries. I’m gonna stay awake the whole night to watch the circus go down tomorrow. Good luck!

  5. YEEESSS! Congratulations!!

  6. Bosnia is also for Obama, today is historical day for all World, I hope that he will change the American foreign policy

  7. Heh

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