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The Source May 1995 issue featuring Death Row Records

There are probably quite a few of you out there who were Death Row fanatics in the mid-90’s.  And it was probably because of The Chronic and/or Doggystyle.  However, before Tupac was bailed out of prison, it was time for the ‘other’ crew members to get some shine.  I never cared for Daz and Jewell but I must admit, I was a full-fledged fan of Kurupt and Rage.  In fact, I’ve always held Rage in higher regard lyrically and was upset that she wasn’t allowed to drop an album after ‘Afro Puffs’ hit.  It would have been perfect timing in ’95, too, and I’m sure she could have borrowed a few of the DJ Premier beats that he gave to Group Home.  Too bad we can’t change history.


Some other highlights from this issue:


– Graf artists getting shot?

– Colin Ferguson is convicted – Did anyone else see this on cable back then?  This case is one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever seen.  Colin represented himself as his own attorney in court and cross-examined himself.  Hilarious!

– Republicans strike back in Congress

Redman with the hip-hop quotable for “How’s That”

– Microphone Check with Mobb Deep, Supercat, Jayo Felony and 95 South

– The original Playstation is released and is on sale for $410

– Years before becoming a world class track star, Marion Jones is a college basketball star at North Carolina


Record Report:


Naughty By NaturePoverty’s Paradise (4 mics)

Ol’ Dirty BastardReturn to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version (4 mics)

The AlkaholiksCoast II Coast (3.5 mics)

E-40In A Major Way (3.5 mics)

Dee-LyriousPsyco-Funk (3 mics)

Dream WarriorsSubliminal Simulation (3 mics)

Sha-KeyA Head Nadda’s Journey to Adidi Skizm (3 mics)


Source May 1995 issue


The fat tape is missing the Scarface track.  If anybody has it, then please post a link in the comment section.


May 1995 fat tape





  1. I can rip it from an embedded Flash music video, but it’ll sound like sh*t. Is that worth doing?

  2. @brady – Try it and see what happens.


    ^ audio track I ripped from the video. I recorded it at 128kbps, because I doubt they’re embedding at higher quality than that. The hum at the end is present throughout the whole track, but it’s a function of their bad vinyl or cassette rip, not my recording (which was digital). Unfortunately it’s the radio edit, which makes it sound even worse.

    I dug a little deeper; a guy had a remix up ( according to a forum topic I found (

    It’s no longer on his Myspace, but if he ever had the acapella, he’s almost certainly got the regular version. I don’t have Myspace, but if you do it’s worth sending him a message.

  4. The original Playstation…on sale for $400…wow, times flies.

  5. Death Row to me dont hold a great place in my heart cause the beef they had wit Bad Boy. that angered me during my younger days. but they were cool before ‘Pac showed up and changed things drastically. But Pac was smart and knew real quick that Death Row wasnt the place to be and was gonna leave, but he never got the chance. I think Suge knew what was coming if he left.

    I was a big fan of Rage, that Afro Puffs joint was da shi*!! 8th grade, we was saying that hook and none of us had afro’s. But borrowing beats from Group Home’s 1st LP for her? i dont know about that vincent. That album cannot be touched in my eyes. keep that the way it is!

    Naughty By nature’s Poverty’s Paradise LP got the right rating! dope LP
    ODB 1st LP is a 5 mic classic!! 3.5? are u nuts! That LP was the jam of the summer!
    E-40 In a Major Way LP is dope as well!! that was his last best album. i would say at least 4 mic.

    And u gotta love that Mobb Deep “Trife Life” joint on that fat tape! That was our motto back in 8th grade! “Given that we live the muthaphuckin trife life, its only right we live another day right?!!”

  6. Thanks vincent for another source magazine. I am born in 1990. I really like your stories and it is nice to see some coast 2 coast, articles and rating from albums although some ain’t fair.

    Peace from Holland

  7. thank you checking out my blog! the roots are one of the greatest performers to go down in history. i just wish i was able to see the roots perform back in the days just for change. just to see that hunger wouldve been amazing!

    i love reading your blog! it makes me reminisce. i love the source magazines and along with the wire pictures. its perfect!


  8. Glad to see I`m not the only Lady Of Rage fan out there….LoL, here`s a lil` mix I put together a while back, a compilation of sorts — all Rage tracks/ features. Check it out if ya like, feel free to drop some feedback. You can peep it here (…

    As for that Scarface joint from the Fat Tape, it`s actually from the `95 Walking Dead Soundtrack (, DoPe tune!!!

    STaY BLeSS`n…

  9. @HeRBaN LyRiX – Thanks for the link.

  10. yO, I just discovered this blog. U sir, are a HipHop historian. Thanks for keeping our history alive and poppin’.

  11. May need a re-up, keep getting “this file is temporarily unavailable”

  12. Its been saying temporarily unavailable for a couple of days now

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