Posted by: vincentlopez | October 25, 2008

The Source 1994 issues ~ Re-ups

Source January 1994 #52


Source February 1994 #53


Source March 1994 #54


Source April 1994 #55


Source May 1994 #56


Source June 1994 #57


Source July 1994 #58


Source August 1994 #59


Source September 1994 #60


Source October 1994 #61


Source November 1994 #62


Source December 1994 #63





  1. MUCH more thanks!!! Arguably the best year in Hip Hop. These should be great.

  2. lovin these man, keep em comin.

    you got any issues from ’95 or ’96, aside from the four ’95 issues you already posted?

  3. @brady – I will be posting all the issues I have ( including the ’95 to ’96 issues) through 2003. Be patient.

  4. @vincentlopez

    sick! glad to hear it! i’ll wait as long as it takes, dude (already subscribed to your blog). i appreciate the hard work that goes into these scans.

  5. I’m looking on the web to find a list with al the cover storys but can find it anywhere.

    So I’ll just have to ask it, wich source magazine had biggie?

    Btw, tnx for putting al that time in this site

  6. @B.R. – I’ll be posting the Biggie issue (his first Source cover) this week.

  7. Tnx a lot

  8. Hi,
    Does anybody remember what issue it was that 2pac appeared on the cover wearing a white bandana. It was a face shot – on the cover.
    Thanks alot.

    • Hi,
      Can you remove my post from public display?

  9. @ Paul – it’s the September 1994 issue.

  10. Thank you very much Vincentlopez

  11. Hi again,
    Do you know what issue had bone -thugs -n – harmony as a group dressed in fatigues on the cover?
    Thank you.

  12. @ Paul – Here it is:

  13. Hey man, thanks for all your help.
    Do you know what issue it was that snoop and dre appear on the cover, it has the words ATOMIC DOGG on the cover.

  14. @ Paul – Here it is:

  15. Source January 1994 #52

    thats whats up man , this front page make my day
    my fav rap duo diggidy das !!!!
    much propz !!

  16. i want ask you vincentlopez
    did have chances to find/buy this days :

    Source January 1994 #52


  17. @mamli – The link to that issue is at the top of the page. Scroll up.

  18. i download it before 1 week, my question was for buying.. i know its been 13 years,, but probaly with diggin have some way to find..

    thanks for all uploads
    i download full 1994 and 1995
    with other years im on half..peace

  19. The only way to buy that is through Ebay. Someone may have it for sale there.

  20. Hey, Vincent, when we can expect april issue? I can’t wait to read it! Shout outs to all of you!

  21. april issue is here up on page ,if you think for april 1994

    Source April 1994 #55

  22. Nah, Mamli, I asked for april 1996… But thank you anyway, bro’!!

  23. […] album in 1994.  But after reading about their label troubles because of the new album’s artwork (read about it in the June 1994 Source), I was a little disappointed.  Fast forward to around 1999 or 2000, when I read about the album […]

  24. Hi!..are you will re up again that source magz?…its so beautiful it take me way back to them good ol dayz..real music n stuff!…peace

  25. Can somebody re-up the september isse please?

  26. Hey Vince,
    can you tell where/how to download the 1994 Biggie issue (61)?

    • @Roh – it’s unavailable right now. it may be re-upped on another site soon.

      • too bad…is there no chance to get it at the moment??? When will it be available on the other site?

      • patience…

  27. Tnx a lot

  28. nice thanks for this

  29. is the September issue out there? If so, which website?

  30. hey i have a question i have one of the source magazine the 1994 #54 in perfect condition and i was wondering if you by chance knew how much it is worth? its the one with eazy E on the cover ty

  31. @angel – I have no idea. check ebay

  32. Hi do u know where I can get that Source June 1995 issue #69 with Eazy E on cover?

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