Posted by: vincentlopez | October 24, 2008

The Source 1993 issues ~ Re-ups

Source January 1993 #40


Source February 1993 #41


Source March 1993 #42


Source April 1993 #43


Source May 1993 #44


Source June 1993 #45


Source July 1993 #46


Source August 1993 #47


Source September 1993 #48


Source October 1993 #49


Source November 1993 #50


Source December 1993 #51




  1. MUCH thanks!! I got some readin’ to do

  2. DAMN it good job.

  3. Which is the one with Dr. Dre’s ‘The Chronic’ album review? I really wanna read it…
    Better Yet, please upload an image of ‘The Chronic’ review on the website, like you did with Nas’ ‘Illmatic’ (thanks a billion for that one by the way…).

    You doing a great thing for the curious hip-hop community vincentlopez. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! ;D

  4. @OabAli – Get the November 1992 issue.

  5. Thanks, but that didn’t include the ‘The Chronic’ album review. Redman’s ‘Whut? Thee Album’, which I have, is in it, which I will read soon, so thanks for that…

    Also, loving that article of Dre! Very insightful!

    The Chronic review is actually in the February 1993, I think I read somewhere…

  6. @OabAli – Yeah, it is in the February 1993 issue. I must have forgot.

  7. Thanks so much for these!! I’m a light year further on my quest to figure out the ’93-’95 hip-hop scene.

  8. […] remember picking up this November 1993 issue of The Source (pic above) around my way and greedily reading it cover to cover. I […]

  9. Can you post the photo shoot pics from June 93 (Onyx cover) they did a Gangsta bitches article and photo shoot with Bo$$,Nikki D.,LeShaun,and Hurricane G.

  10. Hi Vincent!

    Can U maybe once again post the links to this Source issues?

    The copies which ones i found were excellent! You know in our country (Hungary) only from 1998 could we buy the issues, and this issues are brand new for me.



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