Posted by: vincentlopez | October 21, 2008

The Source April 1995 issue featuring Naughty By Nature

Some highlights from this issue:


– The daughter of Malcolm X (Quibilah Shabazz) is arrested by the FBI for allegedly plotting to kill Louis Farrakhan

Tupac is sentenced to prison

Red Hot Lover Tone with the hip-hop quotable for “Bust a Manuever”

– Microphone check with Nine, Big L, and King Sun

– Hip-hop on the Internet?

– Maddenbowl returns with a new winner (…and how did Masta Ace lose to Jerome Bettis???)


Record Report:


DJ QuikSafe & Sound (4 mics)

TupacMe Against the World (4 mics)

NineNine Livez (4 mics)

King TeeIV Life (3.5 mics)

The NonceWorldwide Ultimate (3 mics)

Tab N Da VillonDo or Die (2.5 mics)

KamMade in America (3.5 mics)

Jayo FelonyTake a Ride (3.5 mics)

The Source April 1995 issue

Props to TC @ TSS ( for assisting me with this fat tape.  However, two tracks are still missing.  I was unable to find Settlement by Supercat and I couldn’t separate What’s the Deal by Total Pack from the entire tape rip but I found it here:


April 1995 fat tape





  1. another nice post vincent.

    we all know that Tupac LP was dope, everybody had that when it came out!

    and that NINE album is dope as well! Lyin king, Whatchu want & redrum is my sh*t!! As well as Ova Confident REmix!!! classics!

    i never heard that Nonce LP but if it is dope as Mixtapes and Bus Stops Remix, then i know its on point!!

    and as i look at that phat tape tracklisting, 3 songs standout!:

    jemini the gifted one “brooklyn kids”! this song is off the chain! if any of yall seen the video of “Funk soul sensation”, that brooklyn kids joint is the joint playin in the beginning of the vid! pure classic!

    Nine “everybody won heaven”! this song is really called Redrum! This song is just pure classic, the beat is knockin hard!! real talk he speakin on that song!

    BONE “Everyday Thang”! This song was our anthem in the 9th grade, this song was bangin in everybody’s cars at that time! I love this record, i still play it til this day!!

  2. Nine’s debut album imo is one of the most underrated joints of all time. Listened to it recently and it took me back. CHeers


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