Posted by: vincentlopez | October 16, 2008

A Philly Phanatic

Straight up, I’m a real Philly sports fan and I respect people who support their home town teams.  I have friends from Philly who cheer for the Green Bay Packers, Miami Heat, Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers, LA Lakers, etc. and I’m known to talk much ish to them about their traitorous ways.  In my opinion, if you live in Minnesota or San Diego but support the Yankees or Knicks, you’re an a**.  And being from Philly, I have a special hatred for all New York teams but that’s beside the point.  I’ve supported all the Philly teams (including the Kixx, Soul, Wings and Phantoms) through their multiple bad seasons and almost championships.  When Donovan vomited during the Super Bowl, I knew it was over but I’m still a diehard Eagles fan.  When the Sixers crushed the Lakers in the first game of the 2001 finals and then Shaq man-handled for the next four games, I was beyond hurt but stuck with them.  It’s tough being a Philly sports fan and that’s why I’m holding my breath over the next two weeks.  Are the Phillies ready to end this championship drought?





  1. Props to your team, Vincent. As a Houston resident and Astros fan, it was tough to see Lidge go but I think y’all deserved a better Astro after Wagner was such a jerk. I’ll take the Phillies in 6 games regardless of who wins tonight.

  2. props to the phillies vincent!! i hope they do it! i been to philly, i used to live there ’00-’01. so its all good!

    im from houston, but my teams are the Lakers, Cowboys & Yankees.

    hey u can call it like it is, but thats how i roll!!

    Kobe, TO & Jeter all day!! ONE!

  3. @Brandan – You don’t like the Rockets???

  4. @Vincent- i keep an eye out for them, but i was never i die-hard rockets fan.

    i was 1st a Bulls fan from when i started watchin basketball til ’98 when jordan retired, pippen got traded, phil left and rodman left.
    I been a Lakers fan since the ’98-99 season, been 10 years now.

    thats the history, the truth nothing but the truth.

  5. Yeah, I’m rootin’ for the Phillies too man. I can’t stand when these wack a** expansion teams start winning championships. I hate that the MLB even added The Rockies, The Marlins, The Devil Rays, and The Diamondbacks.

    Damn, I just thought about something. If the Rays win, 3 out of the 4 “new” teams would have won titles in like 15 years, whereas my Cubs aint did sh*t in 100. SMH

  6. Congrats!!!

    Your Phills pulled it off.

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